Every team requires a leader! – August 4 2016

Every team requires a leader!

The purpose of a leader is to achieve a goal by inspiring the best performance from the rest of the team. To be a good leader you must be able to get the best performance from others. And you would probably agree, before that, you must be able to get the best performance from yourself.

Why does a human group follow a particular person? Because that particular person provides them security and opportunity to learn, gives them the right to work, and tries to understand their needs. A leader establishes personal relationships with his followers and tries to fulfill their needs.

An effective leader is one who meets the job requirements, team requirements as well as individual requirements. While concentrating on the job, a leader would synchronize the departmental goals. He would ensure proper and effective communication with the followers.

Leadership development is vital because organizations take on the personality of their leader. Leadership training and development can maximize productivity, shape a positive culture and promote harmony. To achieve this, key people must lead individuals and teams using an appropriate leadership style.

No matter how effortlessly some leaders appear to manage, the path of a leader is one fraught with constant challenge and surprise. However, the leader does not face the challenge alone. By definition, a leader has a group or organization working to meet each challenge and achieve each goal. The leader’s job is not to solve every problem alone, but to inspire him/her to solve the problems.

What does it take to become a good leader? The definition suggests the following leadership qualities.

  • Responsible
  • Goal focused
  • Organized
  • Motivated
  • Motivating
  • Cooperative
  • Efficient

Finally, when an effective leader focuses on the team, he should coordinate the team’s efforts. He must celebrate the teams’ success. He should review and promote a friendly and social environment. He should develop a team spirit and achievement sense among the employees as a team.

As an MBA college in India, we at GIBS give importance to inculcate leadership qualities in a student by organising various team-building activities.