Excellence in Action: GIBS Business School Students (Palak Bansal, Priyam Sen and L S Eshwar Rao) Continues to Shine with Recent Wins at Synectics2023 Management Fest

Excellence in Action: GIBS Business School Students Continue to Shine with Recent Wins at Synectics 2023 Management Fest

GIBS Business School is a top-ranked business school in Bangalore, offering a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, including the BBA and PGDM courses. GIBS aims to prepare students for their future growth and make them ready for the corporate world by imparting practical knowledge and real-world experience.

The school’s commitment to excellence is evident through the recent success of two of its students, Priyam Sen and L S Eshwar Rao, who won the 2nd Best prize for Design Thinking at the Synectics2023 Management Fest held at Kristu Jayanti College Autonomous. Similarly, Palak Bansal, a PGDM 2nd-year student, was named the Best CEO at the same event.

Ms. Palak Bansal, a student of GIBS Business School, was asked a question that made her reflect deeply on her beliefs and values. The question was: “Which body part are you most proud to represent?”

Palak responded immediately that her heart is the most significant component of her body, explaining that all our actions, motives, and intentions come from within our heart – when we dedicate ourselves completely to something, it’s because of it. Her heart drives her to do the right thing while reminding her why she started in the first place. Palak believes success doesn’t require talking but rather action is taken with dedication from within oneself and having a purpose that begins within our hearts.

Her answer impressed the judges and made them pause and reflect on their own beliefs. Palak’s words were not just about physical anatomy, but they were a metaphor for the driving force within us that propels us toward success.

Palak’s answer is a testament to the values and principles that GIBS Business School instills in its students.

GIBS equips its students for future growth and readies them for corporate life by developing emotional intelligence, leadership skills, and ethical values. Through holistic learning experiences, the school enables its students to become better professionals as well as better people.

Palak’s success as the Best CEO stems not just from her academic excellence but also from her hard work and persistence. Her words inspire all Gibians to continue on their path, no matter how challenging it may seem.

GIBS Business School stands out as one of the premier business schools in Bangalore with top-rated courses like BBA and PGDM programs, making GIBS Business School one of the ten business schools. They aim to outgrow their predecessor’s restrictions and create new opportunities through passion, hard work, and dedication – producing students that excel in corporate environments.

GIBS Business School is one of the best PGDM colleges in Bangalore, consistently ranked among the top 10 PGDM colleges in the city. GIBS offers a wide range of programs, including a BBA program in Bangalore, PGDM from Bangalore, and BBA admission from Bangalore University.

At GIBS, students are not only prepared for future growth but also prepared to enter the corporate world. The school strives to produce leaders and entrepreneurs who will make an impactful difference within business environments. The faculty at GIBS includes experienced industry experts passionate about imparting their knowledge. Moreover, its curriculum is industry-oriented to equip its students with both practical skills and theoretical knowledge essential for success in corporate environments.

GIBS provides an exceptional learning experience through its experiential learning pedagogy. The school places great emphasis on industry engagement with regular guest lectures, workshops, and seminars conducted by industry professionals. GIBS has tie-ups with various companies, allowing students to gain real-world experience through internships and industry projects.

GIBS provides PGDM admission in Bangalore, with reasonable PGDM course fees in Bangalore. The BBA course from Bangalore offered by GIBS is also highly respected and provides students with a strong foundation in business fundamentals.

GIBS stands out among Bangalore’s best BBA colleges with a top-quality education that equips its students for success in the corporate world. Consistently ranked as one of the premier PGDM/MBA colleges and business schools, GIBS continues to stand out as a premier school for BBA education in Bangalore.

Conclusion GIBS Business School’s recent student successes are evidence of its dedication to excellence in education. Priyam Sen, L S Eshwar Rao, and Palak Bansal’s accomplishments demonstrate their talent, hard work, and commitment as students at GIBS as well as its quality education service delivery. These accomplishments serve as a motivation for current and future students to aim for excellence in their academic and professional pursuits. GIBS Business School’s continued focus on providing a comprehensive and high-quality education will undoubtedly lead to more success stories in the future.


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