Exceptional Placement Opportunities at GIBS! A Game Changer For You

Exceptional Placement Opportunities at GIBS! A Game Changer For You

Earlier the success of higher education was measured by determining the student’s level of knowledge and skills gained through the course. With time, and now with globalization in place, the scenario has changed.

For colleges, the new model of higher education comprises campus placements as the ‘ultimate’ of their higher education service. As a result, students are now adorant to get the best placement opportunities- a trend observed since quite a few years now.

The research ‘Changing Approaches in Campus Placements – A New Futuristic Model’ conducted in 2016 states that the placement opportunities provided by a College play a major role in determining a student’s college choice.

Further, it shows the importance of internships and placements in a student’s life. It holds considerable value for both personal and professional development as it aids in academic performance as well as employability skills.

At GIBS, we believe in the same and try to encourage and offer our students as many scopes, simultaneously following the belief that ‘opportunities are never given, they are taken.’

Keeping this in mind, our Placement Cell ensures to actively grab every chance available instead of waiting to kick-start Students are trained to make the most of it in order to kick-start a successful career.


Good Placement? Should You Care?

Research conducted by the University of Aston in 2020 on ‘Placements and Degree Performance’ shows that placements improve the degree of students’ performance.

A good placement brings a chance to acquire skills specific to the industry of your choice. It helps you to gain employability skills with real-life work experience (something you can’t ignore in modern times).
When your knowledge of an industry enhances, you will automatically be able to make informed decisions about your future career choices.

By involving you in team-based work, we help to shift your approach to holistic teamwork. It enhances your ability to work collaboratively with improved interactive skills.

When you connect with other professionals during the placement process, you benefit in terms of networking, like, engaging with them to create a foundation to build your future career.


Placement @ GIBS- The Hall Marks

At GIBS, we believe in customized training to well-equip students to ace campus placements.

It begins with analyzing the core competencies of the students. The training and development sessions are conducted to overcome any barriers. We also assist in creating customized resumes. Then, we prepare them thoroughly through group discussions, aptitude exam training, and mock interviews.

Next, the placement cell identifies the potential recruiters and interacts with the companies to share student profiles with them.

We provide pre-placement talks by the companies to students. This helps them gain in-depth information about the company and make a better decision accordingly to submit resumes.

The GD section process follows. The companies shortlist the CVs, and arrange GDs and interviews. Finally, after a series of discussions, they decide to go ahead with their selected students with offer letters.


The Placement Record of GIBS

GIBS takes pride in the excellent placement record that has been going strong ever since the establishment of the institute. A lot of the top brands like Bosch, Flipkart, ICICI Bank, Deloitte, Byjus, Berger Paints, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and more have chosen our students and considered them ‘industry-ready’.

We invite 150+ companies every year for final placements. Around 50+ companies visit our campus for an internstudent’swell.

This is why our placement cell focuses on making our students competent leaders capable of making business decisions which eventually translates to a quantum leap in a firm’s profitability.

We always train the perfect balance between practical and theoretical training as both carry equal importance when it comes to job placement.



All in all, we can confidently say that after going through the comprehensive training provided by us, our students graduate with a job at hand that helps them rise far up the corporate ladder.

With effective training for creating opportunities, GIBS students interact effortlessly with people as they develop high communication and interpersonal skills over time.

As we train our students to handle complicated business and management situations, it comes naturally to them. We equip our students with abilities to build and transform business environments.
GIBS not only helps its students in acquiring valuable qualities but also brings the connections to use these efficiently by way of of right placement solutions. Hundreds of our students have availed this.

Your chance now!