GIBS Business School : Experience Student Life at a Top 10 B School in India

GIBS Business School: Experience Student Life at a Top 10 B School in India

As a student at the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) Business School, life was filled with exciting and enriching experiences. From academic rigor to extracurricular activities, GIBS provided a complete learning experience that prepared them for life after college. Here’s a glimpse of what student life was like at GIBS:


Time Management:

At GIBS, time management was crucial as the academic curriculum was intense and packed with various activities. Students were instructed on how to prioritize tasks, set goals, and manage their time more effectively. Furthermore, they were encouraged to plan ahead so they could balance both academic and extracurricular activities effectively.



Networking played a vital role in the life of a GIBS student. The school provided ample opportunities for students to connect with industry experts, alumni, and other students through guest speaker sessions, leadership talk series, and student-driven societies. Students learned how to build lasting relationships and how to leverage them for their professional growth.



GIBS nurtured the leadership skills of its students by providing them with ample opportunities to lead and take charge of various activities. From organizing events to leading student societies, students learned how to motivate and inspire others, communicate effectively, and make sound decisions.



Collaboration was an integral aspect of student life at GIBS. Students learned how to work effectively as part of teams, using collective strengths to meet goals effectively and build trusting relationships while respecting the opinions of others.


Career Preparation:

GIBS placed a strong emphasis on career preparation, with the ultimate goal of helping students secure placements with leading companies. The school offered a unique pedagogy that combined theory, practical work, and fieldwork, giving students a real-world perspective of the corporate world. GIBS also provided finishing school sessions every Saturday, which equipped students with skills like resume building, interview skills, and personal branding.


Academic Rigor:

GIBS was renowned for its academic rigor, which prepared students to become future leaders. The school offered a PGDM course that was recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and was highly rated. The program included value-added programs, subject matter experts, and innovation, research, and entrepreneurship (IRE) school every Friday. Students were also given unique opportunities like the Global Immersion Programme, which involved a foreign tour, and Business Mastery Programme, among others.


Extracurricular Activities:

GIBS offered an expansive array of extracurricular activities tailored to its students’ diverse interests, with cultural events, sports activities, and social gatherings as part of an active extracurricular schedule. Their average student-faculty ratio of 15:1 enabled each child to receive personalized guidance.


Global Perspective:

GIBS offered a global perspective to its students by providing them with ample opportunities to learn about different cultures, businesses, and economies worldwide. The school had a unique mentoring model that exposed students to international trainers and guest speakers. Students also had the opportunity to participate in the Global Immersion Programme, which involved a foreign tour.



GIBS nurtured the entrepreneurial spirit of its students by providing them with unique opportunities to engage in research and innovation activities. The school offered a dual degree (PGDM + IRE) dual specialization programme that gave students an equal orientation to both theory and practical concepts. GIBS also had a Sports Management Programme, Marketing Lab in association with IVYY Singapore, and Credit Based Industry Project, among others, which provided students with practical experience.


Work-Life Balance:

GIBS students were encouraged to engage in activities that fostered work-life equilibrium, encouraging a balance between personal and professional lives.

Conclusion GIBS is an outstanding management institution offering a diverse selection of programs tailored specifically to students’ needs. Its unique teaching method, top-of-the-line infrastructure, and industry-relevant curriculum make GIBS the ideal place for business management students.


No matter which program you pursue – be it PGDM or BBA – GIBS offers excellent opportunities to hone your skills and pursue your professional aspirations. Their dedication to work-life balance ensures students not only experience academic success but also enjoy a fulfilling personal life.

GIBS has consistently been ranked among the top PGDM/MBA colleges in Bangalore and is recognized as a leading business school in the region. With affordable course fees, excellent placement opportunities, and a vibrant campus life, GIBS is undoubtedly the best choice for students seeking a top-notch management education in Bangalore.

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