For management education, it is not the degree/diploma, but the institute that matters – February 03,2017

For management education, it is not the degree/diploma, but the institute that matters

This is a subject that has asked aspirants hoping to seek advanced education administration for a considerable length of time. The uncertainty between a Masters’s degree (MBA/MMS/MBS) and an AICTE accredited Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) has been the long-hung contention which is one of the real determinants considered in admission choices for graduates. To any individual who has not participated in the different competitive exams pertaining to B-Schools in India, this very topic winds up in an unchartered territory, as both ought to sound similar. To the uninitiated ears who are yet to get a balance of calls from the huge number of colleges attempting to get their attention and impact their basic decision making the decision-making admission pitches, it is a matter of great confusion.

Let’s be honest this is only a result of the commercialization of the education sector, which has contributed to the genesis of this fragmentation of two very similar programs and credentials. The sides taken are chosen to rely upon the sort of educational modules their concerned institutes have on offer. A standout amongst the most widely recognized stereotypical lines would elude MBA as a more scholarly interest for graduates while the AICTE-accredited PGDM is more industry-arranged programming that is planned to customize graduates to the corporate checklist. Then again, a counter thought the process would position a degree over a diploma riding exclusively on the facts that degrees are required for migration purposes, for applying to different govt. Openings and clearly leaves e for seeking after higher credentials like a Ph.D. and so on.

As a general rule, it scarcely matters whether one wishes to seek any of these nomenclatures as unlike in the under graduation where a degree scores intensely over a diploma, in post-graduate manage post-graduation what makes a difference is the nature of faculty deployed, course outline, specialization, relevant infrastructure and the top administration that underlines the general statute of the organization itself. Management education is focused to meet the business requirements of the corporate who are looking for trained employees designed to deliver from the onset. Therefore it is the role of the core curriculum components that bring about the changes of a graduate to an industry professional.

PGDMs offered in normal B-Schools are regularly compared with the ones offered by the IIMs and correspondingly an MBA offered by an average private university to that of a Mumbai University or a Delhi University-run program just to exploit the sensation and buildup related with such esteemed institutions. The generally inexperienced and uninitiated graduate can fall simple prey to the adroitly woven and professionally created by an admission counselor.

Yes, in reality, the number of autonomous institutions that fall in the A and B category B-School section outnumber the university-affiliated college campuses. Students do think that it’s hard to get a respectable MBA degree as frequently UGC-approved govt. UGC-approved does not have the accessible assets to run a professional course like MBA. Industry experience Industry-experienced and cutting-edge education delivery mediums are two most commonly round gray areas where govt. Organizations intensely fall behind. A low fee charged and insufficient deficit funding from UGC keeps Universities and associated colleges financially starved to barely make it through the day-to-day operations.

GIBS Business School is a budding B-school in Bangalore that completely strays from the general description of an MBA-providing institution. It is an aesthetically designed infrastructure that is truly equipped with all modern amenities to decipher the highest level of management education. The industry exposure through regular interaction with corporate experts adds a lot of flares and punch to the effectiveness in bringing about the required professional metamorphosis in students.

Thus we can safely reason that the top branch applicants who get to the best B-Schools fill in the slots delightfully, be it an MBA from IIFT or a PGDM from the IIMs. The average Joe needs to do a great deal of research before finishing up their choice of enlisting in a specific management program as admission is now a sales process to most institutions and the admission counselors are nothing but polished salesmen. The mystery lies in picking the correct institute, once that is tackled, the program takes its course and brings the applicant to its deserved career destination.


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