Foreign tours and their impact on the MBA Program – March 06,2017

Foreign Tours and their impact on the MBA Program

Are you seeking a preferable career after your MBA graduation? Most MBA students are facing a dilemma in the start-up. Some questions are creating humdrum always. Internships can be a solution to an MBA career. Indian business schools are spreading their students in abroad and every year students are getting a chance to explore foreign industries. It helps the interns to get awareness about several nations and its benefit so that after graduation time would get a specific path.
For example, if you can get a chance to spend 11 or 12 weeks in the core branch of Google, then you can know the needs and deeds of the most popular SEO in the international market. Some reputed business schools in India are sending students to San Francisco, California, New York, and other prime offices of Google. Some other popular companies in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa are in touch with Indian Business Schools.


The diversity of MBA schools in India:

IIM – Indian Institute of Management has 20 schools all over the nation. The MBA programs are applicable to Indian and international students. An entrance exam will decide the registration of the students for postgraduate, doctoral, executive, and other programs. The institute is catering to International internships for 3 months. Every year the interns can explore various nations through splendid companies.
Xavier Labor Relation Institute – this institution is located in Jamshedpur and the faculty has a worldwide reputation and fame. One of the oldest business schools in India has residential MBA courses (full-time), executive education, and research fellowships. The Interns of 2013-15 got connected with PWC, ZS Associates, Bharati Walmart, Genpact, Nissan, and other popular agencies in India and globally. It helped the students to utilize their summers in a profitable way.
Faculty of Management Study – Delhi gave space to build up a business school in 1954. The school has a wide infrastructure to place the students in a proper way. The students can take admission for full and part-time management courses. The doctoral programs and postgraduate programs are available on the full and part-time basis as well. Microsoft, Airtel, American Express, Citibank, Samsung, and other leading companies in the global market is recruiting students from the institute.

S.P. Jain Institute of management and Research – this institute is considered one of the top 10 Institutes in India. The MBA students can get internships in Colgate, Mahindra & Mahindra, Microsoft, Asian Paints, Axis Bank, Amazon, and other internationally reputed companies.


Key benefits of Internships:

As students know that without practical experience anybody can’t get a secure career, therefore, the requirement of pragmatic knowledge is essential. The modern methodology of MBA study has been evaluated a lot. Now, students shouldn’t wait for the final exams. The top business schools like Management Development Institute (Gurgaon), Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (New Delhi), and others are providing summer internships. It helps the students to understand the mainstream and parallel market with studies. The academic knowledge and market experience will include in the syllabus so that a student can choose his or her career. Thus, the after-study time can be utilized without wasting time gathering market experience.

  • A student can decide on a start-up company.
  • The students can explore several groups in the internships.
  • After summer internships for several years, students can discuss with their friends to know about other administrators.
  • The awareness of start-up businesses can be included in the knowledge list.
  • The trading style of successful groups will be opened so that the newcomers can acquire more skills.
  • More fieldwork will provide the pragmatic thinking style of the modern business industry and its regular evaluation.


The importance of foreign tours:

The companies abroad have different ways of trading the markets are different and the statistics of those markets are not similar to one another. Basically, the duty of the business school is to open up a broad industry in front of the students so that everybody can drink and eat as many skills as possible.

If you are an Indian student, then an internship in a European company would help you to see that market. The requirement of the people, likes, dislikes, maturity, development criteria, investment style, and thinking of the society and surrounding should be understood to build up a successful business.

Why are foreign internships different than local internships?
It is true that one or two foreign tours are not enough to know Google, Amazon, Microsoft, or another international phenomenon. The students can ask then, what are the applicable benefits or impact of foreign tours?

Basically, the universities, as well as the business schools of India, are trying to aware the modern people of a style of modern-day trade. The thinking style, start-up process, calculations, promotions, existence in the market, and other keys have changed in the current era. The education style has been evaluated as well so that a student is getting in touch with renowned companies to acquire more skills and sensibility.

For example, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are international companies. The popularity of these agencies can say that these are successful authorities. Now, some business schools like Xavier Labor Relation Institute or the Faculty of Management Study are in touch with such companies. Therefore, the students of such institutes are getting a chance to earn some money and valuable knowledge in their internships.

A student would learn;

  • Targeting a homely audience,
  • Promotion,
  • Branding,
  • Spreading a Business on a worldwide platform,
  • Changing the trading style by following the situation,
  • Instant decision-making,
  • Planning,
  • Execution,

from an internship of MBA, so that the students can apply their methodical experience in the practical market. The parallel way of learning new tactics are opened as well.

We at GIBS a truly global Business school firmly believe in the concept of foreign tours as it brings a lot of dynamic learning to the student. The idea is to impart equally superior training as all other leading B schools in India.

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