Full-Time MBA Vs Specialist Degrees/Online Courses…!!! – December 19 2016

MBA as a degree has gained a lot of popularity for many years now. It is the same reason why there are varieties of ways in which one can do their post graduation in business programs. If we take a glance at history of MBA then we find that specializations started sprouting in this field and today with advancement of technology we also find an array of online MBA courses to choose from.But which one is better? The good old general MBA, or the specialized MBA, or the online MBA courses….?
The general MBA covers all aspects of the administration. From human resources to marketing to marketing to business policy. They usually have a comprehensive approach to study all aspects of business in detail. It is said to provide a holistic approach of learning in all aspects, an opportunity to learn to deal with situations in all tires of management and it helps in widening knowledge base for various types of industries. Whereas the general MBA is critiqued for not having in-depth knowledge of any one sector or aspect of business and also in the beginning of a career it might seem very difficult as to where to place a person with general MBA.
The Specialization path
MBA specialization helps person gain a lot of knowledge in the field that they have chosen from. These are tailor made for the current market needs and usually tend to concentrate on one particular field of business administration like finance, human resources etc. The specialized MBA programmes is lauded for carrying in-depth knowledge about one field, preparation to face one particular market and not get confused as to where the career is headed. However, it also has certain weaknesses like not having a holistic or general idea of business administration, not too many options to change careers and the degree sometime is seen as same as a general MBA degree.
Industry Integrated MBA (Weekend) The weekend course, as the name suggests is a part time MBA that is taken up usually by people who have full time jobs and want to pursue a degree to improve their career. Usually these MBA are funded by the companies to improve the skill set of their employees. These degrees are very flexible in nature, they are not very time consuming as you do not have to travel to go to the classroom and is usually cost effective. On the other hand, experts tell that the whole MBA experience is better if done in a classroom as it has bigger and better impact on the employee and also that online students tends to laze off by procrastinating the activities to be done.
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