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Gearing up for future business challenges at GIBS

‘Media plus Business’ seems to be a comprehensive summing up of the present condition of society that has transformed through several stages of social, political, industrial, and technological development. Can you imagine what life was like about fifty years ago in 1970?

Many would prefer the seventies since peace existed to a greater extent with stress-free study and work in comparison to the digital universe of today. While engineers and doctors were revered for ages, now it is the business management graduates and postgraduates who are on top. BBA and PGDM at the Global Institute of Business Studies reach very far along with professional careers. Business not only earns the highest profits but also pays the best salaries with fast-track promotions, unlike most other careers. The best B school in Bangalore brings the best career opportunities to dynamic students. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program will build powerful career goals and help you achieve them.


Trading has been practiced for ages!

If the concept and the practice of buying and selling goods initially starting with exchange and barter are so old, what happened so drastically in recent times? The truth is that business may have existed for very long but was not studied or researched extensively. The study of money did exist like in the ‘Arthashastra,’ but the mechanisms of business were unknown. It is evident that communication and transport, along with a highly developed language system, were necessary to launch large-scale businesses.


Security systems in business

Just like you cannot work optimally amidst danger, it was a turbulent world in the past where goods of any kind were not safe from plunder. Might be right and organized business was not possible. Even today, poachers and dealers in contraband drugs and weapons have to rely upon private armies to make sure that the deals are successful. The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore provide safe and caring environments for the study of business through goods may not be physically bought and sold there!


The highest peaks of business exist in the here and now!

Starting during the 19th and 20th centuries, the study of economics and commerce was gradually launched, and the golden age of business had begun and will never end. When nations talk about a trillion-dollar economy, they are talking in business terms. The world makes sense to us nowadays, only through the prism of business ventures. Every aspect of the home or office originated in the form of business that involved human resources, money, real estate, materials, and manufacture or service delivery along with management expertise. These have become refined and sophisticated through the recent decade with the help of the blessings of technology like automation, AR, and AI.

Traveling from a remote village in Karnataka to the Bangalore state capital is not only a study of contrasts, but the journey contains the entire history of the business. Development, language, communication, transport, and software for booking, every critical aspect is condensed within a single journey.


Living in a world without borders

Politically, geographically and linguistically, the world is getting unified and simplified through the power of the internet, which has become a global communication medium. Despite the language, racial and religious differences, some strange power is uniting us or at least making everybody feel that it is a vast world family. No doubt there will be dissenters who wish to look the other way, but something is happening to melt the ice. Unless humanity joins hands in good time, it may not be possible to save the planet Earth in terms of environment, climate, and peace.

Strangely enough, just like geographic boundaries are melting, sectors like education and transport, healthcare and hospitality, technology and pharmacy are all getting similar in some senses like the business aspect. It is possible nowadays to develop skills of management that apply equally to a variety of fields through the grace of accelerated learning and multimedia lessons. Language and communication skills indeed occupy essential places in such a cosmopolitan world as the ability to get along with people in multicultural worlds. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore help develop business skills very well.


A superficial world

With advanced data information cheaply available online in vast quantities, it is an external world we have created. A little knowledge is passed off as an expert if well versed in computer software and up to date in technology. Appearing like an expert and possessing authentic knowledge with experience are two different things. GIBS students had better get deep into the study of business and avoid becoming chameleons. Study at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore and make a positive career beginning.


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