Get a head start to a super management career at GIBS, Bangalore – May 09,2017

Get a head start to a super management career at GIBS, Bangalore

Though B-schools do exist in vast numbers across India and globally too, GIBS presents a unique teaching-learning culture. Isn’t it a bitter irony that Indian students searched for MBA colleges abroad once upon a time decades ago? Nowadays, numerous quality B-schools in India attract students from Asia and Africa in large numbers!


What makes a first-rate B-school?

It is hard to define what makes an institute click. Perhaps it is the sum of all the parts just like the physical body functions. Nowadays, rather than the intrinsic faculty quality and dedication, the international network should be considered first. The affiliations and tie-ups with universities, institutes, and colleges abroad would facilitate student and teacher exchange programs. Thus, a web of connections is gradually getting built up that would become supreme advantages in the professional years. Building upon academic foundations is what every profession tries to achieve later in life.


The location that spells success

GIBS is profoundly lucky to have the Bangalore location in several senses! A global city that distinguished itself as the headquarters of the IT industry, Bangalore is home to numerous MNCs. That would be a mighty advantage as far as internships and placements are concerned.

It is a stimulating cosmopolitan outlook that Bangalore inculcates with the pleasant weather and job opportunities. The presence of a large expatriate population has resulted in a deeper understanding of the cultures. Besides, Indians from across the country settle and work here, and have sweet things to say about the garden city. Intellectually and aesthetically, academics and professions, all get a gentle nudge in the right direction. Achievement, success, hard work, and dedication across cross-cultural lines are what the city signifies to its ten million inhabitants.


Guest speakers enlighten the students with real-life experiences

Most of us still believe that the study involves books and that is partly true. Education has transformed so much because the multimedia have taken over. If only books could talk, what would they say? The two-year residential MBA program introduces the trainees to lots more besides books. Creating industry leaders is a challenge for the institution. They achieve the objective through numerous stages.

The task of shaping the personality is a complex one, though backed up by research. Confidence and communication skills, fluency in language and ideas, thinking on the feet, capable of teamwork, and effective leadership, are some facets of the diamond that a successful entrepreneur should possess. Guest speakers have an important role to play in enlightening young minds. They are often celebrities who have spent decades in the industry and shaped the business world. Perhaps they hail from Finance, Human Resources, or Chain Supply Management.

The illuminating lectures of Guest Speakers remind us of the case study method of teaching that presents realistic situations that occurred. Finding answers to the problems presented is what the students need to do. It calls for dynamic thinking and bold decision-making.

The Guest Speakers have been through all those trials. They are now ready to present the cream of their lifetime of meritorious service. For comparatively inexperienced students, the incidents are eye-openers to practical problems faced in daily life in the industry, healthcare, or hospitality, for example.


Training and placements

While medical and engineering courses may be for a much longer duration, MBA aspirants have already graduated and carried out work experience. They have already availed of fifteen years of school and college education besides the work experience of a few years. In the prime of their lives, they can think fast and possess the experience and the energy. Dedicated and capable students have a lot to study and many activities to participate in during the twenty-four months at GIBS.

The learning, experiencing, and skill-building curve is constantly ascending. Able teachers show them the way with the support of world-class infrastructure. Seminars and presentations, tests and examinations are all working together like a journey up a colossal mountain. The peak will be reached in good time with the placement coming sometime in the third or fourth semester.

Yet the placement procedure is no easy task. Are those rare industry leadership qualities born or made? GIBS certainly believes that human faculties may be developed through researched methods. When the best minds congregate, the environment transforms into positive learning. Where excellence is a way of life, can somebody be lagging? A few who might have personal problems or come from difficult backgrounds do get supplementary help to cope with the demanding course.



Such a degree is a sure passport to management success! Who would not like to step into the shoes of a CEO or CFO in those mighty businesses that have colonized the planet with umpteen branches spread through several countries? Yet the management in such cases certainly won’t be a walk in the park.

How does a manager develop those seemingly superhuman skills to succeed? Where will the cross-cultural experiences come from in a job that shifts you from America to Europe and China? GIBS thought of all those problems and have engineered just the right approaches for students. A love for challenging experiences, a desire to succeed in senior positions and bring renown to the institution, teachers, and the country are at the heart of the pioneering students.

Just like fledgling birds, they are bound to leave the nest at the end of two years but gratitude remains. GIBS is where they learned how to fly in the first place. The ambiance of the greenery-filled campus rubs off on the students. A culture of stiff competition where researched ways bring out the best in the organisation is what the best managers practice all lifelong. The long march lies ahead and success will come, usually with the plush placement itself before quitting the institute. Yet the placement is only the beginning of lifelong achievement.


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