GIBS a Destination for Management Programmes -January 12, 2016

GIBS a Destination for Management Programmes

From Barter System to the current world where the exchange is done in currency notes the world has continually evolved and flourished in commerce. The arena seems to expand as the thoughts are changing with the changing times. Strategies, investments, analysis of markets, clients, and right approaches play a significant role in an efficient, profitable business. Like every other profession, educating oneself about the concerned subject is essential. GIBS Business School is the institution for all your queries, doubts, thoughts, and learning.

GIBS B-School is the most reputable business school that offers management courses in Bangalore. Its teaching methodology is such that every student is trained to be a leader, an entrepreneur, or a corporate planner. It engages its students in interactive and participative learning. They are inspired and motivated through their seminars whose guest speakers are successful business tycoons from all areas. Individual attention is given to students, and they make sure their dreams are not lost when the process of understanding and learning gets tough.

Studies should also accompany sports. GIBS holds intra-hostel, inter-hostel, inter-college, and intra-collegiate events throughout the year to make the studies more interesting. They also have a well-equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool, a volleyball court, a cricket field, and a basketball court. Physical activity revives energy and de-stresses your body. The excitement that’s generated thereby keeps the mind active helping in the overall progress of the student.

They have an experienced staff whose teaching forms the foundation for their learning. Yet, a student is expected to do self-study. Newspapers, journals, and other referrals help one gain more knowledge and develop an interest in the ongoing issues and challenges of the outside world. The students, therefore, are provided with an excellent library, an internet café and are connected to Wi-Fi within the campus for all additional assistance in learning.

GIBS is one of the UGC-approved MBA colleges that has state-of-the-art facilities spread over 4.5 acres of residential campus with modern amenities and villa-styled hostels. It provides world-class infrastructure for MBA and PGDM programmes, scholarships for meritorious students, summer internships, and 100% placements for all its students. It’s ranked 4th as the best B-School and 5th for the best infrastructure by “Higher Education Review”. GIBS business school hence becomes a magnificent destination for a student who wants to pursue a course in management studies.


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