GIBS – A Much-Awarded Institution That Delivers Excellent Management Education – September 06,2017

GIBS – A Much-Awarded Institution That Delivers Excellent Management Education

Accreditations, awards, recognitions, and citations speak a great deal about the quality of institutions in spite of the fake news and duplicity that have become so common nowadays. Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore owes its existence to Chairman Mr. Ritesh Goyal who earned the Prestigious “International Achievers Award for Education Excellence.” He richly deserved recognition for contributions in the specified fields demonstrating leadership and honors for a lifetime of achievements.

GIBS represents a hallowed world that works on several fronts besides the dynamic management education that has maintained a steady record of outstanding internships and placements. Besides the GIBS Academy are the GIBS Social Foundation, Global Business Forum, GIBS Sports Academy, and Pathfinder Value Creations (an event management company), sister programs that work in close cooperation. A network of worldwide contacts through alumni and affiliations with institutes and universities abroad makes sure that the greatest exposure is achieved for staff and students. Technology provides inspiration and facilitates the exchange of ideas, research, and curriculum design. A network of industry connections with the many multinationals in the Bangalore scenario ensures the best internships and placements for the student batches that are passing out each year.


GIBS is the silver lining

Management education in India is a bitterly sad story for youngsters who are full of exciting dreams after passing Class 12 to enter college. The media is manipulated to make it look like the best education in many institutions but that may not be the truth. Internship and placement statistics are probably manipulated to make an excellent impression. Reviews online can be manufactured to please would-be students and hopeful aspirants.

It is only natural that money-making institutions are trying to exploit the situation! Management is the fastest growing field because it applies to every industry like healthcare and hospitality, transport, and communication, to consider some broad areas. Students today would pay any price to get hold of a management degree and we can well imagine the numbers each year. Little do the great majority know that their dreams would be shattered professionally and they would be compelled to settle for second-rate jobs.

A single metropolitan city like Bangalore is crowded with dozens of management institutions of short or long durations, degrees or diplomas, online and offline, in regular classroom attendance or during weekends for the working population. Consider the number of cities in India and imagine how much duplicity is practiced in dispensing management education.

A few authentic institutions like GIBS maintain untainted records and have succeeded in establishing a worthy system that honors its commitments. Immense credit should go to the enterprising Chairman Ritesh Goyal and his tremendous achievements. In many areas of education, industry, politics, leadership, and corporates, it is often found that a single entity has been chiefly responsible for finding a purpose and direction, a mission and a duty.


The essence of management education

While a great fuss is made about training business managers, the thrust should be two-fold. Personality training is absolutely important in soft skills for the physical task of fulfilling stressful duties for long hours in difficult situations. The ability to work in the 21st century technologically developed cosmopolitan world requires an approach that is broad-minded and can work with different cultures. Personality building and the ability to package yourself in an attractive manner is paramount. Though management is not show business, some similar skills would be required to make a great impression. Motivation to excel and improve productivity, loyalty towards the company your serve, and concern for fellow workers with a social conscience are all parts of that winning personality that will forge ahead in career terms.


Knowledge and understanding of the industry

Indeed, students of many different backgrounds come together to study MBA plus PGPM. It seems as if management education commences from scratch that is true but commerce or economics students like in BBA or BBM would stand a better chance. The same holds of the PGDM course too. In the case of BBA and BCom, it is commerce, economics, and business education from the first year of college.

Besides the ethics and values that govern services, production, business dealing, and company administration, what are the forces at play in a business scenario? The climate of politics would matter and the government policies. Finance, labor, and their management and policies, and the laws that govern taxes and labor are important. Rules, laws, and regulations that govern import and export are crucial since international business is nowadays the norm. Both India and China export goods in enormous quantities across the world. Thus, it is men, money, materials, and labor that require efficient management. With all the wonders of technology available, such a task does not seem as difficult as it once was. Efficient business managers continue to rule the world and exceptional institutions like GIBS get you there.

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