GIBS – A Technology-Focused B-SCHOOL Led by Industry Leaders and Top Faculty!

“Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher that will be the biggest honour for me” P. J. Abdul Kalam. 

A good teacher can flawlessly shape your career. They are an integral part of your education. Good infrastructure, good facilities and good location are nothing when it comes to good faculty. 

An educational institution always ensures that along with all the infrastructural facilities and excellent industry-relevant curriculum, they have the best faculty too. The faculty are the foundation of a good education. 

Most of the business schools also include industry experts to ensure proper education about business. The world of business is evolving every minute and to make sure that the students understand every bit of it, experts from industries get involved as well. 

Today, the Global Institute of Business Studies is recognized as one of the top business schools. There are many reasons for the success but one of the most important is having business leaders as mentors. 

GIBS is the only business school that has been endorsed by 60 CEOs. The foundation of the business school is built with the expertise of industry leaders who have given years to the industry. 

While the students are choosing their business school to pursue their professional course, they have a list of criteria that they keep while choosing. Some of the reasons that make a business schools stand out are:

  1. Excellent infrastructure
  2. Experienced faculty 
  3. Fees
  4. Location
  5. Industry associations
  6. Placement Opportunities
  7. Opportunities for getting into foreign universities. 

Today as the internet is taking over, a plethora of information is available for the students. It makes it easy for sure but too much information can be confusing. Here comes the role of faculty who organise and assimilate information and present the best to the students with experience of their own. 

GIBS hosts faculty who have experience of over 45 years and their knowledge is as vast as the sea! The faculty are extremely knowledgeable and have their own unique ways to ensure the best of their knowledge is delivered to the students. 

GIBS has many foreign associations that give their curriculum a foreign perspective. This expands the horizons and helps the students to be aware of international aspects of the business. A very carefully planned curriculum is designed with the help of top faculty and industry leaders, making GIBS stand apart from most of the Business Schools in the country today. 

As an industry, an accomplished business school is also a detailed set-up where the students learn way more than just lines from the books. They constantly are developing skills and getting closer to becoming future corporate leaders. GIBS focuses on various practical teaching techniques as well. 

A business school can only create leaders if they give the students enough hands-on training. GIBS hosts an array of workshops, internship opportunities and seminars, all conducted by CEOs and other leaders from the world of business. 

The best part of being a student in GIBS is having the opportunity to have access and gain knowledge from 60 top-notch CEOs who have proved themselves in the best possible way. The faculty members help keep the institution running smoothly. 

They are not just faculty reading aloud from the textbooks but they are also policy-makers, innovators of new teaching and learning methods and a constant guide for the students. faculty are the biggest factors that help in giving the students an exceptional educational experience laced with knowledge that will last for a lifetime. 

The faculty members of GIBS take care of everything, from education to mental health, they keep a tab of everything. While GIBS promotes professional skills, it also makes sure that the students learn life skills and focus on their happiness as well. 

GIBS is not only known for its many initiatives that are revolutionary in the field of education but it is also known for its thoughtful ways of incorporating teaching and learning processes. Most of them might not be available in any other colleges. 

Today, GIBS is ranked as the 20th best business school in the country. Do you need any more reasons to start your career in GIBS? Let’s give you a few more reasons to help you understand the value GIBS can add to your career:

International associations with the top foreign universities to ensure international standards as well. 

Great placement and internship opportunities as the 60 CEOs who endorse GIBS have an amazing built network. 

Their programs and initiatives like the happiness program and IRE school, are life-changing in many ways. 

Make GIBS your success partner! 

When you get into a business school you go in with a lot of expectations. From being able to be a valuable leader to becoming a fully skilled human being. If you are looking for a place where you can bring out your best version and discover your true potential, the GIBS is the place to be.