GIBS, A Unique Path To Success!

GIBS, A Unique Path To Success!

A management course is one of the most fulfilling experiences in the life of a professional who wants to pursue a career in the world of business. From learning new things related to the business to self-development, management courses are the biggest turning points in the career.

Global Institute of Business Studies is one of the most prestigious colleges in the country hosting PGDM and BBA courses. Each course is carefully designed keeping in mind all the possible ways of taking students closer to a successful career. The institute not only offers a professional course that enhances skills but it as a unique endeavour in life.

Today, India has numerous colleges and universities that host professional courses like PGDM, MBA, and more. It is important to understand that choosing the right course and the right college. Both hold immense importance in acquiring the most from the course.

GIBS is known for its extremely well-planned curriculum encompassing internationally accepted syllabus and activities. The entire course is an opportunity for students to explore their abilities under the guidance of experts from all over the world.

Pro-tip to all those who are looking for a college to pursue the PGDM:
Make sure to choose a college that gives equal importance to workshops, training, seminars, and other extra-curricular activities. This will not only help you in seeking a comprehensive learning experience but also prepare you for the real world of business.

GIBS hosts an array of features that enables a student to bring out their best version in front of their employers. From letting the student learn entrepreneurship to helping them to come up with innovative business ideas, GIBS lets the student go beyond limits.

GIBS believes in ‘Nurturing Talents’, giving everyone a chance to achieve their goals. The PGDM course is a unique blend of business analytics and soft skills training to enhance young talent.


How Will Global Institute of Business Studies Make A Difference In Your Life?


Endless Opportunities.

From hundred percent placements to fruitful internships, Global Institute of Business Studies allows every student to put their best foot forward. GIBS promises a bright future and helps the students to polish their skills and caliber to make their mark on the world of business.

GIBS is associated with more than 600 companies who are present at the recruitment drive. Every opportunity is achieved through sheer hard work and a lot of research by the placement cell. The importance of getting a dream job is clearly understood and prioritized by GIBS for its students.


Campus Life on Point

When you are doing your research you must make sure that the campus is good enough to host your dreams. GIBS offers a campus that screams knowledge and fun from every corner, giving the students a good time while they make careers. The advantages of having a good campus life are many but some of them are making memories of a lifetime and being energized to give your best. A constant enthusiasm is there while studying when the campus is lively.

More than 250 hostel facilities are available for the students laced with top-notch features like banks and other essentials. It has been awarded as the 4th best business school in the country for its infrastructural brilliance.


Internationally Connected

GIBS is connected to more than five international universities to give the students a curriculum that is industry-relevant and future-ready. The curriculum is very carefully planned, keeping in mind the international standards of knowledge the country’s business will need.

This unique collaboration helps the students become valuable professionals to their organization as they apply analysis and research skills that are ahead of their time in the national scenario of business. In today’s rapidly changing world of business, this attribute is one of the most important points that employers look for in their employees.

The students here get a chance to explore the top-ranked international universities and incorporate the new learnings in their career to excel.

The above three features are some of the brilliant ways with which the Global Institute of Business Studies is changing lives for the better. GIBS helps each student to reach their true potential and flourish in their careers.


Some More Unique Features Of GIBS:

It is awarded as one of the best business schools in the country for its unique teaching methodology. Its approach to impart knowledge is known to be student-centric and research-based. 15th best school in Karnataka, GIBS takes pride in having one the strongest alumni that constantly contribute to the GIBS community.

60% action model learning gives every student the ability to apply knowledge right from the beginning. A holistic knowledge sharing experience for the students through more than 8 committees and clubs formed with enthusiastic students and mentors to help you shine in all the possible ways. Beyond classroom experiences at GIBS awaits your presence and dreams!

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