GIBS aims for international exposure for business students

GIBS Business School aims for international exposure for business students

GIBS aims for international exposure for business students
What could be more international in outlook than a business that brings together the best talent from across the world? Bangalore is home to numerous multinational companies that maintain branches in different countries and cater to local populations. Many wonder how it is possible when you consider all the barriers of race, religion, language, and culture. Yet, that is the utopian dream of a single family of humanity.


The magic of digital media

Though the factors may be many and complex, it is the highly developed data-driven digital media that has brought the world to the doorstep. First came the television influence a few decades ago when the world media was imported to every Indian home. In recent times the internet has not only brought entertainment but education and affordable communication and social media. Gradually, the borders are vanishing though regional differences may remain. A cosmopolitan outlook may not be visible everywhere but Bangalore certainly has it.
The best B school in Bangalore, Global Institute of Business Studies, has succeeded in infusing a world spirit in its green 4.5-acre campus. Teachers and students hail from many nationalities and live happily together to pursue academic and professional labor through several semesters. Students from Nepal, China, and Bangladesh and the faculty from European countries mingle freely in the search for knowledge.


The need for international exposure

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore will set you up for a lifetime career. Particularly in the challenging world of big business, an amalgamation of human resources, infrastructure, and financial resources would serve the needs best. In the pursuit of manufacturing or services, maybe both, assembling diverse talent would succeed amidst the stiff international competition. The phenomenon commonly witnessed nowadays is that big businesses and chains of hotels, malls, supermarkets, schools, and bakeries are coming up. The retailer of the olden days would be difficult to find in the future. Running a business nowadays requires the adequate training that GIBS provides unless it is a family-run business through several generations. Even they would benefit from higher education in business.

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore realize the need for international experiences and promote such tours for experience and the making of business connections. Exchange programs do take place and lucky students can get such an opportunity. Certain experiences within Bangalore of attending seminars and workshops with industry leaders from MNCs to provide such immersive experiences. The digital experience promoted by the internet through online webinars and putting heads together via Skype and Zoom are also very revealing. The GIBS campus does bring many precious experiences within the range of the students. Field trips around Bangalore too become valuable sources of gathering industry intelligence.


Joining hands with universities abroad

Studying in isolation on lonely islands will not serve in the 21st century, unlike in the past when monastic education achieved so much. Even now serenity is conducive to effective study but there are too many people and too much happening everywhere. Give and take, collaboration, and sharing the spirit of enterprise are some ways success could be achieved. Whether it is faraway America and neighboring China and Malaysia, England, Germany, and Singapore, many positive influences cement effective international attitudes.

The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore have been working hard to instill a competitive spirit among the boys and girls. Growth nowadays will only be possible by looking beyond the mountains and the seas. Nottingham University, Singapore University, RMIT University, University of Malaya, University of Applied Sciences, Lubeck, and the University of Central Florida represent the hallowed international collaborations. An amazing wealth of study and research materials along with student and teacher exchanges set the scene for high-powered business knowledge flowering across national borders.


Broadening of mental horizons

Experience is certainly the greatest teacher. The 36 Indian states and territories present a massive diversity of races, languages, and cultures that attract large numbers of students, especially from neighboring SAARC countries to study at several renowned Indian universities. African students too travel long distances to reap the benefits of the advanced Indian education. It is an age of amalgamation of cultures just like food and music combining a variety of genres. FUSION and REMIX are mighty expressions that show that the many can merge into one.

Conversely, Indian students and teachers need to reach out. First comes the decision in the mind and then the experience will be possible. Developed countries in Europe and America are inspired by the immense possibilities of a great career future. Business opportunities open up across the internet and job applications, interviews, and appointments regularly take place online. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program in GIBS ends with successful placements after internships with some of the finest companies in a variety of sectors like telecommunications, textiles, and banking.


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