GIBS Business School’s Commitment to Excellence Among Bangalore’s Top PGDM/MBA Colleges

GIBS Business School Is an Industry Leader When It Comes to Top MBA/PGDM Colleges in Bangalore

Bangalore, widely recognized as India’s Silicon Valley, boasts numerous educational institutions. Of particular note is GIBS Business School which stands out among them by being Top MBA/PGDM Colleges in Bangalore. This article takes an in-depth look into their achievements.


Rankings & Awards: Benchmarking Success

The stature of GIBS Business School is underlined by its impressive rankings and awards:

  1. GHRDC BBA College Survey 2023: By ranking seventh overall among India’s BBA Colleges, GIBS displays its excellence on an international scale.
  2. Careers360 Survey 2023: With an AAA rating, GIBS solidifies its position among India’s elite business schools.
  3. GHRDC BBA College Survey 2023: As the 6th Top BBA College in Karnataka, GIBS highlights its regional influence.
  4. Business India 2022: The prestigious A+++ rating by Business India underscores the school’s unparalleled quality of education.
  5. Times of India B-School Survey 2023: GIBS’s multiple rankings include the 40th rank nationwide for placements, 20th among top South Indian business schools, and 4th for emerging BBA institutions, indicating its prowess in facilitating successful careers.
  6. Business Today Survey 2023: GIBS takes great pride in being recognized as the 10th Best Business School in Bangalore, further solidifying its position within this bustling metropolis.

These recognitions attest to GIBS’s unfaltering commitment to nurturing business acumen and leadership qualities among its students, solidifying its position as one of the Top MBA/PGDM Colleges in Bangalore.


Choosing GIBS: Beyond the Ordinary

GIBS Business School, recognized as one of the Top MBA/PGDM Colleges in Bangalore, transcends the typical business school model, offering unique advantages:

  1. Exceptional ROI: GIBS is not just an academic institution; it’s an investment with substantial returns in terms of career growth and professional development.
  2. Dual Degree & Specializations: Catering to diverse interests, GIBS allows students to pursue dual specializations, adding more breadth to their academic journey.
  3. CAT Score Acceptance: As a Non-IIM Member Institution, GIBS welcomes a broader array of aspirants, enriching its student diversity.
  4. Strong Placement Record: As reported in The Times of India, GIBS’ 100% placement record attests to both its strong industry connections and quality graduates.
  5. Balanced Curriculum: The 50-20-30 educational model ensures a balance among practical, field, and theoretical knowledge – essential in developing well-rounded business acumen.
  6. Focus on IRE: The PGP-IRE program is tailored to instill innovation and entrepreneurial skills, essential in today’s dynamic business landscape.
  7. CPMP Program by GFS: This unique program emphasizes personal and professional development, guided by seasoned CPMP trainers.


The GIBS PGDM Programme: Crafting Future Business Leaders

The PGDM program at GIBS is a comprehensive educational experience:

  1. GIBS Finishing School and CPMP: This initiative fine-tunes the interpersonal and professional skills of students, ensuring they are industry-ready.
  2. PGPIRE Degree: This degree focuses on nurturing skills in innovation, research, and entrepreneurship – key drivers in modern business.
  3. Corporate Projects: Students engage in real-life projects, gaining practical experience that is invaluable in the business world.
  4. Expert-Led Teaching Pedagogy: Courses are delivered by subject matter experts, ensuring high-quality, up-to-date business education.
  5. Business Mastery Program: This program develops core competencies necessary for business leadership.
  6. Academic Conferences: Academic conferences serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, networking and showcasing research.
  7. Value-added Programs: Supplementary programs complement the core curriculum by offering additional skills and knowledge to our students.
  8. Mentoring Model: The unique mentoring approach at GIBS offers personalized guidance, aiding in the holistic development of students.
  9. MOOCs: Online courses offer flexibility and a wide range of learning opportunities.
  10. Global Immersion Program: This program provides international exposure, essential in today’s globalized business environment.
  11. Orientation Program: A comprehensive introduction to the GIBS ethos and educational approach.


Conclusion: Redefining Business Education

GIBS Business School stands out as the Top MBA/PGDM Colleges in Bangalore; it is a pioneer in business education. Boasting world-class rankings, innovative programs and an overall holistic approach to education, GIBS equips its students not just for corporate leadership roles but global leadership roles as well. It stands as a testament


FAQs about GIBS Business School

  1. What rankings has GIBS Business School achieved recently?

Answer: GIBS Business School has attained significant rankings, such as being recognized by GHRDC’s BBA College Survey 2023 as being among India’s Top 7 BBA Colleges; earning an AAA rating in Careers360 Survey 2023; being listed by Business Today’s Survey as 10th Best Business School in Bangalore; additionally, it received high ranks across several categories in Times of India B-School Survey 2023.


  1. Does GIBS Business School offer specialized programs?

Answer: Yes, GIBS offers various specialized programs such as the PGP-IRE (Post Graduate Programme in Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship) and CPMP (Certificate in Personal Mastery Program) by GFS that aim to develop skills related to innovation, entrepreneurship and personal mastery. These courses aim to assist participants with these domains of excellence.


  1. What is GIBS Business School’s educational approach?

Answer: At GIBS, one of the Top MBA/PGDM Colleges in Bangalore, our educational model encompasses 50% practical exposure, 20% fieldwork experience, and 30% theoretical learning – an approach designed to give our students a holistic learning experience that equips them for real-life business challenges.


  1. What are the key features of the GIBS PGDM program?

Answer: The GIBS PGDM program includes features such as its Finishing School, CPMP Certificate, PGPIRE Degree, corporate projects, mentoring model, MOOC courses and Global Immersion Program that aim to give participants a comprehensive business education.


  1. How does GIBS Business School ensure its students are prepared for professional life?

Answer: GIBS equips its students for success in the professional world through a comprehensive curriculum of practical experience, corporate projects and special programs like the Business Mastery Program and Global Immersion Program. Furthermore, this school boasts an outstanding 100% placement record as reported by the Times of India; reflecting strong industry ties as well as quality graduates.