GIBS: A Premier Choice Among Top Business Schools in Bangalore

GIBS: A Premier Choice Among Top Business Schools in Bangalore

Bangalore, known as India’s Silicon Valley, has established itself as a center of quality education in business management. Of all of the options available to students seeking quality business studies education in Bangalore, one institution stands out: Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS). Thanks to its innovative approach and strong focus on practical learning experiences, GIBS has quickly become one of the top business schools in Bangalore. In this article, we will explore the various facets that make GIBS a top pick for aspiring business professionals in India.


Courses Offered: BBA, PGDM

GIBS offers an array of courses to meet the diverse needs of students. The institution provides Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) programs designed to equip students with all of the knowledge and skills they need for success in today’s dynamic business world.


Promoted and Driven by IIM Alumni

One of the hallmarks of GIBS’ unique identity among the Top Business Schools in Bangalore is its strong affiliation with alumni from India’s premier Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), who play an instrumental role in shaping our curriculum and vision as an institution. Their invaluable experience and insights ensure that the education offered at GIBS is at par with the global standards.


Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindsets

GIBS goes beyond the conventional approach to business education. It aims to foster entrepreneurial mindsets among its students. The curriculum challenges students to think creatively, take calculated risks, and form an imaginative vision for their business ventures. This approach empowers them to become not just job-seekers but job creators as well.


GIBS Finishing School’s CPMP Program (Certified in Personal Mastery Program)

A distinctive feature of GIBS among the Top Business Schools in Bangalore is its Finishing School, which offers the Certified in Personal Mastery Program (CPMP). This program aims to promote both personal and professional growth for its participants. Students gain essential tools such as communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence that are required for success in business environments.


Guidance by 35+ CPMP Trainers

The CPMP program at GIBS is guided by more than 35 experienced trainers who are experts in their respective fields. These trainers provide students with invaluable insight and mentorship, helping them hone their skills and become well-rounded professionals.


PGP-IRE (Post Graduate Program in Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship)

GIBS, recognized as one of the Top Business Schools in Bangalore, provides a specialized Post Graduate Program in Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (PGP-IRE). Designed specifically for students seeking to become innovators or entrepreneurs, this program equips participants with the knowledge and abilities necessary for driving innovation or engaging in entrepreneurial ventures.


Learn from 25+ Esteemed Faculty

The quality of education at GIBS is ensured by a team of over 25 esteemed faculty members. These professors bring years of academic and industry expertise into the classroom, giving students a balanced education that blends theory with real-world experience.


Top Ranked Exclusive Business School with Top ROI

GIBS has consistently ranked among the top business schools in Bangalore. Graduates from this institution have established an impressive Return on Investment (ROI). This demonstrates their dedication to quality education and practical learning experiences.


50% Practical Exposure, 20% Fieldwork & 30% Theory

GIBS, recognized as one of the Top Business Schools in Bangalore, understands that practical exposure is crucial in the field of business management. Therefore, the institute maintains an unprecedented balance in its curriculum by providing 50% practical exposure, 20% fieldwork, and 30% theory instruction. This hands-on approach ensures students are adequately equipped for the challenges associated with corporate life.


Collaborative Peer Learning

Another feature that sets GIBS apart is its emphasis on collaborative peer learning. Students are encouraged to work together on projects and assignments, allowing them to gain diverse perspectives and develop essential teamwork skills.


Connect with 50+ CEOs & CXOs & Founders

GIBS offers students the opportunity to connect with more than 50 CEOs, CXOs, and founders of leading companies. This exposure provides valuable networking opportunities and insights into the industry’s workings directly from the leaders themselves.


Dual Degree & Dual Specializations

GIBS offers the flexibility of pursuing dual degrees and specializations, allowing students to tailor their education to their specific career goals. This option ensures that each student’s learning experience is unique and aligned with their individual aspirations.


Non-IIM Member Institution (Accepts CAT Score)

While not a member of the IIM consortium, GIBS stands as an independent institution that accepts CAT scores. This widens the opportunity for a broader range of students to access quality business education.


100% Placement Record by Times of India

The Times of India, a prominent name in the field of education and industry analysis, has recognized GIBS as one of the Top Business Schools in Bangalore for its outstanding 100% placement record. This achievement highlights the institute’s commitment to preparing its students for successful careers in the corporate world.


Corporate is a Customer (CIC) Model for World-Class Placement

GIBS follows a unique “Corporate is Customer” (CIC) model for placement. In this model, the corporate world is seen as the customer, and GIBS strives to meet their expectations by producing job-ready professionals. This approach has yielded exceptional results in terms of placement.


GIBS Sports Arena: A Modern Necessity

Recognizing the importance of holistic development, GIBS, renowned among the Top Business Schools in Bangalore, provides a modern sports arena. This facility ensures that students have access to recreational activities, promoting a balanced lifestyle alongside their academic pursuits.


Learning by Doing (LBD) Model for World-Class Academic

The “Learning by Doing” (LBD) model at GIBS is a key factor in its world-class academic approach. Students are actively engaged in practical assignments, case studies, and real-world projects, enabling them to apply their learning in meaningful ways.


In conclusion, GIBS is undoubtedly a premier choice among the top business schools in Bangalore. GIBS’ dedication to providing an all-rounded education, emphasis on practical learning, and strong industry connections make it the perfect place for those pursuing a career in business management. Emphasizing innovation and entrepreneurship skills development, students graduate GIBS equipped with both the mindset and tools required for success in today’s challenging corporate landscape – whether as corporate leaders or entrepreneurs! GIBS gives its students everything they need for long-term success!



GIBS, recognized as one of the Top Business Schools in Bangalore, is promoted and driven by IIM alumni, fostering entrepreneurial mindsets, and offering unique programs like CPMP and PGP-IRE. It also boasts a top-ranked status and strong industry connections for placements.

The "Learning by Doing" model emphasizes hands-on learning via assignments, case studies, and real-world projects which allow students to apply their knowledge practically.

GIBS follows a "Corporate is Customer" (CIC) model for world-class placement, ensuring that students are well-prepared for their corporate careers. This approach has led to a 100% placement record, as recognized by the Times of India.

Yes, GIBS is a non-IIM member institution, but it does accept CAT scores, making it accessible to a broader range of students seeking quality business education in Bangalore.