GIBS anticipates a dynamic and action-filled 2020

GIBS anticipates a dynamic and action-filled 2020

The GET SET GO academic and professional excellence yearning at the Global Institute of Business Studies. A bouquet of awards and distinctions indicates that the business study winds are blowing in the right direction. It can indeed be said that outstanding institutions are responsible for academic and career success. Professional training in keeping with industry norms in a realistic manner ensures that good appointments are forthcoming with no frustrating waiting period and uncertainty after the completion of the study. Internships and campus placements speak of many compelling success stories. The best B school in Bangalore looks forward to greater success with the 2019 batches just now busy applying for admission.


The GIBS future with PGDM and BBA

An undergraduate course, BBA, under the auspices of Bangalore University, sets the foundation for a great business career. AICTE-approved PGDM gets closer to the goal of super business careers with a taste of higher things. These courses provide a 2-tier thrust to the GIBS efforts in the future. Dedicated faculty Indian and foreign along with extensive educational infrastructure work in the sprawling green campus.

The complexities of the overwhelming business world that surround us today cannot be understood in a single course that provides a beginning. Internships and placements add to the understanding through real-life experiences rather than theory alone. Along with the institutional study programs, independent research unravels many of the mysteries. Avoid being spoon-fed or dependent upon books alone for study. The multimedia approach, along with seminars and workshops, would help express ideas and develop a systematic understanding of concepts.


MAT 2019 now knocks on the door

Registrations and applications for MAT 2019 have long been completed, and now it is time to give the finishing touches to the exam preparation! It is better to avoid getting stressed during the last week and instead aims for relaxation, a nutritious diet, and good sleep. Keep in good shape and physically fit to take up the challenges on the exam day. The paper-Based Test (PBT) mode for September 2019 is fixed for 1st September while the Computer-Based Test (CBT) mode is scheduled for 14th September. GIBS wishes the examinees success. It is a hurdle you have to cross positively to qualify for admission to a large number of business schools in India.

A single sitting examination presents no mighty difficulty after many months of preparation, perhaps in tutorial institutes or helped by private tutors. The vast extent of study materials available online reduces the expense and the stress of gathering exam preparation materials. Compared to the several days of examinations faced during school careers each year, MAT 2019 does not present a significant level of difficulty.


Optimum exam performance!

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore remind us that good work should be done on that crucial exam day. The same can be said about any of the examinations at whatever level. What will count towards the result is not what you did during the previous weeks and months, how many books you read, and how much money was spent. A positive frame of mind would help show excellent exam performance and select the best answers. Avoid finding fault with yourself or being depressed at not having done enough preparation.
Along with adequate rest, try to get a bird’s eye view of the entire examination from summaries, notes, and previous question papers.

Whatever short notes and summaries were prepared during the weeks and months will help to remind yourself of important things quickly. If you have identified weak points, they would have been remedied long ago but make sure now by a little more revision of those problem chapters.

The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore think that working in a study group has its advantages. Doing things together, discussing the complexities, and exchanging study materials are great benefits. Tutorial institutes and tutors have a lot of experience that will be passed on for thorough preparation but avoid getting too reliant. Clarify doubts whenever possible, and maintain short notes.

Mock timed exam question papers must have been done perhaps several times to build up speed and accuracy with questions and answers. Section-wise or the entire exam together should be so attempted to judge your exam skills. If it has not been done, it can still be done now since the whole syllabus would have been studied and preparations are complete. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore recommend ample practice exams privately.


A final revision

• Do you feel confident at a glance about the different sections of MAT 2019?
• Language Comprehension
• Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
• Data Analysis and Sufficiency
• Mathematical Skills
• Indian and Global Environment

If one of these sections still seems cloudy, perhaps a lesson or two would help get rid of doubts. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program never advises ever to give up. Small problems sometimes appear like mountains, and simple solutions to hitches are often found. You will still find a way.


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