GIBS Bangalore has designed fresh management pedagogy to match with the change of time – September 25,2017

Management studies in India may sound very promising according to the books and theories. Yet, the practical scenario of management studies in the country is different. That’s why students get shocked while they enter into the fields. The education system, teaching style, and syllabus can be the victim of the low rate of success. The formal researchers of GIBS have examined the market statistics and published the report. This report has been verified by the international management counseling board as well.
Why is the successful employment rate low?
Teaching style and etc are the causes. Whether the students are judging the upcoming career challenges based on their theoretical education, the actual scenario is giving them some other objectives. Management studies have changed a lot from the known level of such institutions.
The UPSC syllabus for management studies starts with conceptualizing of several managerial functions, behavioral patterns, human resource and others. These concepts of several organizations are different and employees have to understand the spirit of individual association. Most of the institutions are unable to provide the right infrastructure from where students can learn the acute tidbits of conceptualization. Therefore, students grab the concepts grossly and when they are in the field, the past education became worthless.
This is an example. The detailed report has a lot of such examples. The researchers show how planning, monitoring, decision making and other chapters became valueless due to lack of applicable studies. The process is being outdated and these are not working in the modern business industries.
What are the needed education styles?
According to the current flow of business, corporate and other industries, GIBS, Bangalore has built some new tactics. The motif of the new syllabus is based on the leading institutions of America, London, Japan and Australia. The fundamental education styles of such institutions are applicable in modern trade industries.
GIBS studies have followed the advanced management syllabus. In this syllabus, the students can learn the ways of accessing in contemporary corporate industries. How the business has been evaluated, how it is changing day to day, what are effects of digital media, how important the digital media can be, what can be the probable challenges and how to handle that other practical things have taught through several laboratory sessions. The students of management studies in GIBS would face these special sessions in every semester. This is the part of main stream syllabus.
The operational educations are very important as well. Through different projects, students would be aided by the powerful guides. Along with the knowledge, students would acquire skills and execution strength. With the addition of some interactive and participative learning system, a unique pedagogy has invented. This system guides the learners to build a successful employment in an upcoming career. A cycling education process is crafted, where students are being taught by learning, earn and return process. Every step of GIBS has a vision of supplying the updated management employees who are equipped to handle the current obstacles of trades.
• The process enhances the confidence of the students.
• It makes the learners highly equipped on the execution.
• The students would be connected with the real plane where they would access in future.
• Personality development training helps the students to communicate with leading authorities of the industry.
• The executive course would borrow a great return for every student.
The career guidance of GIBS:
Building a proper career may be a tough task for you if you haven’t proper guide. It is very good to think of climbing corporate ladder, getting prosperous career and etc, but making this really is really a tough job. Many pass outs that haven’t caught the right track are coming to join the career mentoring course of the institution. They are being guided by the best faculty. The course is a weekly service that can refine the career of the participants without hampering the flow of their lifestyle. The focus of the course is to connect the students with the best opportunities. If you are not satisfied with your education or job, then you can evaluate it. The mentoring course is giving you another chance to develop the knowledge and skill on management.
How does it work?
The education style is mainly based on the interactive session. Why interaction? Because the modern pedagogy says that people should communicate so that they can brief their problems. Most of the counseling course generalizes the problems, but this is not the way. Every human has a different problem, therefore consulting with a specific person is the only way to motivate the person to achieve his or her focal point. The GIBS mentoring discuss with every participant individually and resolve the problem.
• Students would regain the power what was missing in them.
• Evaluating the CV and make that a considerable one.
The counseling course, management syllabus and other educations of GIBS, Bangalore have designed in the modern pedagogy. The infrastructure follows leading institutions of abroad. Students would get a quality education, which can be executed in their career.