GIBS Business School, Bengaluru, has been placed in the “Diamond Band: Institution of Excellence” category in the India Academia Ranking 2023

GIBS Business School, Bengaluru, has been placed in the “Diamond Band: Institution of Excellence” category in the India Academia Ranking 2023

GIBS Business School, Bengaluru, has set a new benchmark by maintaining its excellent tradition of innovative education. Counted among the top B-school in India, GIBS has been placed in the “Diamond Band: Institution of Excellence” category in the recently announced India Academia Ranking 2023. It’s notable that the Academia Ranking recognizes institutions’ ongoing efforts to transform people and achieve excellence in prioritizing research and facilitating a strong employability and startup ecosystem.


What is India Academia Ranking?

India Academia Ranking is a comprehensive ranking framework to measure Research Excellence (RE) and Employability and Startup Ecosystem Ranking (ESER) of higher education institutions.

Research Excellence Rankings (RER) is a conceptual framework meant to help set industry benchmarks and establish criteria for judging an institution’s reputation. These criteria include research output, impact, and ecosystem as parameters.

Higher education institutions that are not running PG programmes are not eligible for RER. The Employability and Startup Ecosystem Ranking (ESER) focuses exclusively on the achievements of students in their placements, entrepreneurship, startups, and other revenue-generating success models, supported by the initiatives of the respective HEIs.


The need for a research framework in higher education

Research is the backbone of any progress. In the new education policy, it has been openly emphasized that all educational institutions should make research a part of their curriculum.

We are living in the age of information and fast technology, where global trends are changing rapidly. Many such research projects are being done globally and are bringing revolutionary changes to our daily lives.

It is imperative for such research projects to receive full backing and support from their institutions, mentors, and regulatory bodies.


GIBS’ innovative solution to research requirements

Certainly, the research environment requires a strong framework. For this, individual effort is necessary. An educational institution should also understand its responsibility and fulfill it well. GIBS has always been a pioneer in this field, giving maximum opportunities to the students and providing an environment in which the defined process of research is reflected in the form of innovative solutions.

From the very beginning, GIBS made research and innovation integral parts of its curriculum. GIBS has therefore established an Innovation and Research Lab (IRE) at the college, which provides students with all the resources they need for their research. Recently, GIBS added IRE certification to its PGDM degree to contribute extensively in the field of research and innovation.


Leading with IRE

The Institute for Research and Entrepreneurship (IRE) provides a comprehensive environment for experiential education. GIBS offers PGDM students a new Certificate Program on Innovation, Research, and Entrepreneurship (IRE). The IRE School prepares students for their entrepreneurial endeavors through a variety of courses, expert sessions, and other events.

This curriculum is designed for 18 credits over the course of three trimesters. The first and second trimesters consist of six credits each, with the last two credits covered in the third trimester. The first quarter is designed for idea generation and finalization. After the first quarter is spent revising and polishing the chosen concept, the second quarter is geared towards idea conversion and working on a prototype. This involves working out the idea and building a prototype, and the facilitators have a chance to see the prototype before using it. The final trimester focuses on building prototypes where the idea needs to be converted into a working model. The entire process is evaluated at the IRE conference, which is attended by several entrepreneurs promoting student startups.


Closing thoughts

There is no doubt that students’ preparation for life and business places an emphasis on research, creative problem-solving, rigorous investigation, and entrepreneurial initiative. Indeed, this is the foundation of management education. Therefore, GIBS is transforming the landscape of business education.

By using relevant education, original research, evidence-based insights, and innovation leadership, GIBS guarantees this investment in research and innovation has a substantial effect. With the help of IRE, GIBS is giving its students the tools they need to promote change and innovation across the country.

The placement in the “Diamond Band: Institution of Excellence category in the India Academia Rankings 2023 is the result of these unique efforts at GIBS. Such innovative efforts by GIBS will undoubtedly result in more accomplishments in the future.

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