GIBS Business School Bangalore’s BBA Students Shine at Technovanza Fest

GIBS Business School Bangalore’s BBA Students Shine at Technovanza Fest

GIBS Business School, a top business school in Bangalore, renowned for its role in nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders, has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence in education. This was emphatically showcased during the prestigious Technovanza Fest on December 5, 2023, where its BBA students displayed exceptional skills and innovation.


The Technovanza Fest Experience

The Technovanza Fest, hosted by Christ Academy Institute for Advanced Studies in Bangalore, is an esteemed event in the academic calendar that draws in young, bright minds from across the nation. Focused on integrating the fast-evolving fields of technology and business, this festival challenges participants to think creatively and strategically, mirroring the realities of the modern business world.

In 2023, the event was particularly competitive, witnessing participation from various esteemed institutions. A total of 36 enthusiastic student groups competed, presenting a range of innovative business ideas. A team from GIBS Business School, comprising Omar, Prerna, and Ishika, stood out with their unique blend of enthusiasm, intelligence, and determination.


GIBS’ Journey to Success

Participation in Technovanza for GIBS BBA students went far beyond competing in a contest; it was an experiential journey of learning, innovative thinking, and teamwork. The GIBS team’s approach was characterized by a blend of academic rigor and practical application. This perfect harmony of theory and practice is a hallmark of the GIBS educational philosophy.

The trio’s preparation was an intensive process. They conducted thorough market research, engaged in creative brainstorming sessions, and benefited from the continuous support and mentorship of GIBS’ experienced faculty. This comprehensive preparation was crucial in honing their idea to perfection.


The Startup Idea Pitch

On the event day, an air of excitement and anticipation filled the venue. The GIBS BBA Students team, armed with a well-researched business plan and a compelling presentation, took the stage confidently. Their startup idea, a blend of market relevance and innovative thinking, was a perfect representation of their deep understanding of market dynamics and futuristic vision.

Their presentation was more than just a pitch; it was a narrative that captivated the audience and judges alike. The clarity, creativity, and potential scalability of their idea made it a standout entry in the event.


Triumph at Technovanza

The GIBS BBA Students team’s hard work and dedication were rewarded when they were announced as the second-place winners in the Start-up Idea Event. This victory was a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset instilled in students at GIBS. It was a proud moment for both the participants and the institution, underscoring the effectiveness of GIBS’ educational approach.


GIBS Business School’s BBA Program

The success at Technovanza is reflective of the quality of education provided by the BBA program at GIBS Business School, recognized as a top BBA placement college in Bangalore. The program is meticulously crafted to offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure. It emphasizes developing critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, leadership skills, and adaptability – skills crucial in today’s ever-changing business landscape.



The achievements of GIBS BBA students at the Technovanza Fest are a beacon of the institution’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence. It’s a narrative about young minds transforming challenges into opportunities and dreams into realities. As GIBS continues its journey in sculpting future business leaders, it reiterates its commitment to offering an educational environment that fosters growth, innovation, and leadership.