GIBS beckons triumphantly as the year 2017 is ending – November 29,2017

GIBS beckons triumphantly as the year 2017 is ending

Like a city that never really sleeps, colleges, institutions and universities remain alert 24/7/365. The complexities of administration, faculty and research, student affairs, semesters and examinations, catering, transport, law and order in the campus, learning activities – you can well imagine that some supernatural power needs to guide the fate of the students in their search for excellence and professional success. In spiritual terms, India is profoundly blessed with a mighty pantheon of gods and religious festivals celebrated almost every day. Global Institute of Business Studies has had an inspired and motivated existence, blessed by the many powers that surround.

The fervor of the year 2017 is soon ending though some important events are awaited anxiously. With the convocation done, it is thoughts of yet another batch of students that keeps the authorities occupied. Education is not a mighty automated machine, though much has been achieved in terms of AI and VR. It is all so very real, the lecture halls and library, the laboratory and the internships, plush placements coming as sweet surprises for those who deserve them the most. Just like the seasons come and go, batches of boys and girls come temporarily and leave some semesters later like guests in a vast hotel. There is a difference because the hospitality here teaches a recipe for a successful professional life.

The inspiring convocation is done. The STUDENT OF THE YEAR program remains pending, but so close on 25thNovmberthat the aura of the light and sound can be felt. Dance India Dance, Fire dancers, Rock Band – that is not all, though. Awards are coming for student achievement in the various fields like academics primarily, but extra-curricular and sports activities that together make up the sum total of the GIBS extraordinary campus existence. The music and the song will give way to dinner amidst a spectrum of honored guests from corporates around the country.


Personality Development

Much of what humans are results from personality grooming to present the best qualities and excel at the executive level, apply lessons learned and motivate the team. That sounds like soft skills, but it is hardly as simple as that. The key is experience rather than the book or the classroom. Ms. Archana Deshmukh put it all so well. The Guest Lecture provided ample materials to ponder. Solving problems and making decisions may be just a few words, but difficult to apply in real life situations. Jobs are no textbook situations either.The talk did bring an additional level of confidence to the trainees waiting to launch their careers. Professional success seems to be getting closer.


The 40-hour Project Management Program

What are the different stages of a successful project? Starting with the conceptualization, it is a tricky progression through planning and initiation, execution, control and closing. Human existence and not studies alone is quite dependent upon projects of one kind or another. Thinking of the larger world and the significance of projects, the lessons were well learned by the MBA students. The knowledge and skills, tools and techniques were taught in the program and enthusiastically well-read. Case studies further strengthened the grasp upon the subject, prepared for those professional challenges that are soon coming.


Wait and watch to conquer higher peaks

While it is true that much of human life involves waiting for major events to happen, it sometimes appears that there is not a moment to lose. Happy times seem very fast while difficult times move slowly. The GIBS student faces both situations, days of joyous celebrations and examination stress in academic terms. ‘When will the course end’ is a question that every student asks at some point or the other during the courses. The worry, of course, is not about the course ending, but the stress about internships and job placements.If every boy and girl is assured of excellent jobs at the end of the course, perhaps the anxiety would be reduced.GIBS is a young institution and records show that the students have been doing very well and earning excellent placements with several MNCs that have now established branches in India. Bangalore itself has received the status of a global city, mainly due to software exports.

While students enter GIBS with lots of dreams in their young minds, by the time they complete their academic courses, they have engendered even higher dreams! At the beginning, they did not understand the extent of the management courses that they have taken up. Their experience indeed is like climbing a mountain. As you climb higher and higher, more and more vistas open up. You get to see dozens of smaller peaks and these would all have to be crossed on the way to the top. And so they do each single day with every lesson and activity. The trekking will never end all lifelong.

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