GIBS believe that SMART goals work best in realizing dreams of success

GIBS believe that SMART goals work best in realizing dreams of success

When it comes to defining success, many answers would be possible. Money and position, power and influence, marriage and children, home and car, yes, and so much more. Nobody lives on an island and bridges connect us to the mainland. Giving back to the institution and family, society, and country should form part of the deal. The top 10 A.I.C.T.E. approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore consider success in business terms since that is what they teach. Internships and campus interviews leading to placements with the leading companies in Bangalore create an influential runway to ascend to business success. While most graduates and postgraduates from the GLOBAL INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS STUDIES start with services, a few set up independent business ventures, perhaps in partnerships.


Develop a sound mission and vision

Considering the realities of the bitter competition amidst urban chaos in the technological 21st-century existence, it may be called survival instincts. Concrete jungles are getting worse than primitive lawless forests. Environmental degradation is getting to be alarming like the energy crisis.

Develop S.M.A.R.T. goals over time – specific and meaningful, achievable and relevant, and time-based too.

Just like nations and institutions, individuals require careful and elaborate goal setting, usually classified as short-term missions and long-term visions. As students, personal goals could relate to planned achievements like a better use of time to complete pending assignments. Getting rid of bad habits like smoking could be another plan for the semester. Developing the right habits of regular sleep and work, eating, and avoidance of substance abuse early in life would pay rich dividends later.


An eye on the priorities

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore realize that the media-filled world nowadays requires too much attention in different directions! Looking at too many courses will not work. Avoid having too many interests that would only dissipate attention and energy, time, and money. Set priorities in a focused manner, and it is presumed that they concern cash and materials, human resources, and services since these are the concerns of business ventures. Less and more essential tasks would be best written out since research reveals that they are the most effective. With writing dwindling fast, perhaps typing them out would be the alternative. Rather than carrying them in the head alone, put them into words and days, figures and years.

The best B school in Bangalore wishes that the boys and girls get better organized with files and folders, certificates and copies, study materials, lists of addresses and contacts, etc. Many of these are nowadays in soft copies, but it is wise if hard copies are also maintained just in case the computer crashes.

Along with the pragmatic approach contained in the idea of ‘learning by doing,’ don’t forget that interpersonal skills play an essential role. The soft skills of leadership and teamwork, motivating the team, and getting along well with colleagues are crucial too. Along with the cognitive and social skills, build up meaningful relationships with people that would become an asset to business later in life.


Complete tasks to the conclusion

Especially nowadays, when everybody presents an impression of knowing too much, it is vital to keep the feet on the ground and the head upon the shoulders. Being so easy to get distracted, avoid losing attention, and concentrate on the work at hand. Even if the job of the present is not such a sensational one, keep working hard since it is inevitable that better opportunities will come and soon. It is the business world today that witnesses the highest salaries and fastest promotions. Honor the contracts and keep working until the conclusion rather than get desperate and seek short-term successes that may be regretted later. Avoid the habit of changing jobs all the time for the sake of a somewhat better salary.

The 2-year full-time A.I.C.T.E. approved PGDM program believes that positive approaches will work! Constantly comparing your position with the ones who are better off with salaries or live in bigger apartments and possess bigger cars will get you nowhere. Instant fame or wealth cannot be achieved through the sensational media makes it appear like that. Avoid getting very depressed by failure if it happens. A vast majority of lottery ticket buyers receive nothing at all.

A caring and compassionate, helping, and charitable nature stands the best chance of success despite the cruelty and killing around the world.

You need a team in the business to succeed, and a lawyer and accountant, real estate agent, and financial advisor are perhaps required. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will show the way initially before you set out on your own. Luck, spirit, and attitude would all matter in finding success.


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