GIBS brings you excellent career placement prospects

GIBS brings you excellent career placement prospects

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore, Karnataka, ranks among the finest business colleges in the state and the country. Within a five-year span of existence, GIBS has earned a position of prestige. Several recognitions and rankings have already placed it among the best. The best B school in Bangalore, through a dedicated and highly qualified faculty who are industry experienced, delivers realistic training in keeping with real-time career demands. As a result, eager boys and girls are never at a loss when it comes to adjusting to the challenges of job positions with the leading companies.

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore carry out a systematic transformation of the hesitating student through a series of stages that last a few semesters. Along with the crucial information dealing with specialized fields like finance or human resources come personal qualities. Successful managers are loyal to the company they serve and observe ethics and values. Along with a search for profits every business deals with must come a commitment, zeal, and dedication to national, social, and family values.


Time and resources are always in short supply

At GIBS, it is always a race against time. Business courses are never as long as medicine or engineering courses that offer much longer time frames, though the course of studies may be more complex too. Each semester has too many lectures and assignments, club and committee activities, field visits, and guest speakers. If it is a stressed lifestyle, health and relaxation, diet and sleep are very important too. The campus offers a variety of games and indoor activities, a swimming pool, and online surfing to get rid of the tedium.


The internship opportunity

The 45-day internship suddenly appears and it is time to practice many of the lessons delivered in lectures and learn from other sources. It is a splendid chance to impress company directors and apply the thoughts in the mind. Though it is a small beginning, it could lead to great careers as has often happened with many bright boys and girls.

Bangalore is crowded with some of the finest companies that deal in apparel or healthcare, food or telecommunications, automobile, and insurance, to name a few crucial ones. In one sense, they are all similar. Competent executives are needed and expansion and diversification are on the agenda. Several companies seek new staff on the GIBS campus each year. Do you fancy an internship learning experience with Aegis, Hungerbox, or Birla Sun Life Insurance?



Providing business services with regard to the customer experience is a top priority at this company which works on a global scale. They provide business solutions and strategies to work transparently with customers. Working with technology and outsourcing with mega-corporations across 30 years, they maintain 44 offices in 9 countries today. Working across a variety of sectors, they help companies transform and adjust, interact with customers, and reach stunning successes. Innovative approaches help identify opportunities but following up and succeeding require further grit and patience amidst the heat of competition.

When business chances are discovered in the market, a company needs to develop the resources in terms of finance, human resources, and strategies to succeed. At such a moment, Aegis helps to formulate a plan of action with quick decisions and progressive plans to successfully deliver the solutions. Social media and business analytics are some of the new-age fields in which they excel. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore do give students a taste of the new-age companies and the qualities required to succeed.



Launched as recently as 2016, what could be more essential to life than food and the cafeterias that supply it? When food is combined with advanced technology, the result is splendid and that is exactly what happened here. In a world of websites and apps that govern everything needed ‘near me,’ it is a tremendous world of opportunity for those with ideas, finance, and motivation. The ISO 27001-certified company works with corporations of the stature of Accenture and Capgemini, HCL and Wipro, and Microsoft and Qualcomm, among others. Technology facilitates Pre-ordering and Live Order Tracking, Digital Payments, Feedback Management, etc. Under their umbrella, thousands of food sellers came together as partners in 11 Indian cities. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program develops student business ideas with so many successful start-ups in Bangalore.



The name of the company leaves no doubts about its validity. Just like food, shelter, and clothing are essential to existence, so is insurance to guard against a rainy day. Whether it is life or property, machinery, children and studies, health, retirement, and the future, protections are needed. The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore enable exceptional internship chances that often lead to bright placements.


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