GIBS builds a corporate network of collaboration for successful student careers

GIBS builds a corporate network of collaboration for successful student careers

Much like ants in their colonies and fish in the oceans, businesses require particular surroundings to succeed. A system of corporations that follow similar policies of working with money and materials, human resources, and services need to collaborate. Mutual give and take are not only desirable but essential. Businesses have their associations that provide support in times of stress and work to take on challenges like professional development. Business management institutions also need to be in constant touch with the current realities of the industry to pass on the right information to students. A mismatch between education and the industry will only mean that the students suffer.

Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore take pains to maintain industry links and invite guest speakers to guide the students. Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, runs GBF (Global Business Forum) to serve as a platform where industrialists gather in search of student development through mutual dialogue. Business opportunities are thus created with senior professionals who have spent decades in pursuit of financial knowledge. Considering the rapidly changing technological advancement and the intense competition to attract customers and promote profits, it is a mighty challenge at every bend.


GIBS internships and placements

The first experience of working in a leading company is a priceless, challenging experience. , and it is smooth sailing in the career of a lifetime. Once established in a good position in a caring company, promotions, and career goals will be reached all in good time.

The best B school in Bangalore realizes that the most significant companies owe their success to the dynamic business managers more than the software and machines, money, and buildings. Where will the companies find the best talent? While experience is essential and receives weightage, the modern business industry is continually evolving. GIBS talent has been in high demand with more than 70 companies wishing to recruit the best boys and girls. MBA/PGDM batches 2018-20 have been particularly successful with their internships that attracted stipends and were followed by encouraging job offers, based on performance. It does not long to recognize the best talents.

Nestle and Cadila, Accenture and Vivanta, Bisleri and SAIL, Mahindra and Bharat Petroleum, Haldiram’s, and Timken – these are some of the corporations that will bring change in student lives over the decades.

The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program arranges meetings and interactions, seminars and workshops with over 500 senior industry leaders during the four semesters. The different stages of business awakening are quite a complicated process. Like the construction of a complex building, lessons, concepts, definitions, and economics lay the initial foundation. Meanwhile, personality building and soft skills are equally important, and the ability to work in challenging office surroundings needs to be taught. The acquisition of a business personality may be compared to difficult trekking to reach one of those Himalayan peaks with great patience and endurance. Not all make it, but those who enter the peaks have something to be proud of, a reward for extraordinary labor.

Academic tasks do not require physical labor so much as being alive in the continually changing business universe. Being physically fit is essential, nutritious meals consumed on time, and regular sleeping hours. Substance abuse is best avoided even at this young age so that you do not have to struggle later on. Cosmopolitan Bangalore does offer many temptations to students with lots of time and money to spend. Be especially careful during weekends and outings to the happening places in the city. Remain within the group and seek the guidance of seniors and faculty members.

A semester or two later, when you no longer feel like a fish out of water, business lessons are working! The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will establish such an environment where business connections are made, perhaps for a lifetime. Sharing ideas face to face and exchanging notes, and relating internship experiences would probably result in business referrals. Remembering the business-to-business relationship like the business-to-consumer relationship would help in a better understanding of the complexities.

Businesses as complex as a vast city

While we may exist in megacities, it is a small world of home and school, office, shopping, and workplace. In mighty cities like London and Tokyo, it is said that a lifetime will not suffice to know every part of it. Business is just like that, and it is best to be happy with the particular company and the allotted duties. A narrow vision of concentrating on the present and the task at hand is sometimes better. As the months and years pass, the experience will bring greater awareness and capability, higher designations, and fatter paychecks. The ones who can wait it out will eventually win rather than rushing from one post to another across different companies.

The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore advocate specializations. Dedication to one or two aspects of business like finance or human resources would go a long way in achieving success. Specialties are the little secrets that will get you to the peak.


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