GIBS Business School PGDM Students Shine at XIMERA Inter-Collegiate Management Fest

GIBS Business School PGDM Students Shine at XIMERA Inter-Collegiate Management Fest

GIBS Business School of Bangalore is widely respected for its excellence in management education and commitment to offering students practical real-world experience. At this institution, their aim is to produce leaders who possess not only academic prowess but also possess strong ethics and social responsibilities.

Recently, GIBS Business School PGDM students made their mark at the national level inter-collegiate management fest, XIMERA, organized by XIME Bangalore. The event offered a diverse range of activities aimed at fostering the holistic development of students and challenging their minds. The GIBS PGDM 1st year students showcased their talent and skills in two events, and both teams secured the first prize, showcasing the school’s excellence in management education.

The first team, Parv Upadhyay, Bharath Bhat, and Christy Thomas, won the Best Management team (GOAT) award. The second team, Rahul Reddy, Eshwar Rao, Priyam Sen, and Ramakrishnan, won the Marketing Event award. These victories attest to the quality of education and training provided by GIBS Business School, which empowers its students to excel across many different disciplines.

The Best Management Team Award (GOAT) is an esteemed accolade that acknowledges an organization’s team for its excellence in handling various business challenges. Team members were given specific challenges to solve together as a unit. Parv Upadhyay, Bharath Bhat, and Christy Thomas showed exceptional teamwork and leadership skills, which helped them secure the first prize. The award is a testament to their ability to think creatively, work collaboratively, and handle pressure.

The Marketing Event award recognizes the team’s ability to market a product or service effectively.

Rahul Reddy, Eshwar Rao, Priyam Sen and Ramakrishnan collaborated to devise an imaginative marketing plan that impressed judges. Their knowledge of the market and ability to craft a compelling brand image led them to take home first place – testaments to their critical thinking skills, creativity and effective communication abilities.

These victories are a source of pride for GIBS Business School and reflect its excellent education program. Students receive practical knowledge and skills needed to excel in various fields through an intensive curriculum; additionally, GIBS Business School provides numerous events and competitions where their talents can be showcased.

Success for these students is testament to both hard work and dedication, but also to the quality education provided by GIBS Business School. With its focus on practical knowledge, real world experience, ethical values and providing students with essential leadership tools GIBS Business School stands apart as an institution. GIBS’ commitment is providing its students with all of the knowledge and tools required for becoming leaders within corporate environments.

Conclusion GIBS Business School students’ success at the national-level inter-collegiate management fest XIMERA stands as evidence of its commitment to excellence in management education. Their success at XIMERA showcased students’ outstanding talent and skills while attesting to GIBS Business School’s quality education services. Their emphasis on practical knowledge, real-world experience, and ethical values set it apart from other business schools while equipping its students to become effective leaders within corporate settings. Here is a list of the top PGDM and BBA colleges in Bangalore.

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