GIBS Business School Ranked Among Top BBA Colleges in India by GHRDC – 2023

GIBS Business School Ranked Among Top BBA Colleges in India by GHRDC – 2023

As we celebrate GIBS Business School’s recent ranking by the GHRDC BBA survey, it’s crucial we fully comprehend its meaning for both GIBS Business School and education as an entire sector.

GHRDC BBA Survey provides an exhaustive ranking of Bachelor of Business Administration programs across over 500 colleges throughout India, taking into consideration academic excellence, infrastructure needs, faculty expertise, and placement prospects of each BBA program in consideration when ranking colleges. The GHRDC BBA survey offers its ratings to ensure transparency for applicants seeking admission into this renowned degree program. Being recognized among the top 10 BBA colleges of eminence is truly a remarkable accomplishment and speaks volumes about GIBS Business School’s quality of education.

What sets us apart is our firm commitment to offering students an educational experience designed to prepare them for both challenges and opportunities presented by an international marketplace. Our Bachelor of Business Administration program equips our students with all of the knowledge, skills, and experiences required for success across various fields such as marketing, finance, HR management, entrepreneurship, etc.


At GIBS Business School, our students benefit from an exceptional learning environment complete with world-class infrastructure and facilities designed to facilitate experiential learning and promote critical thinking. Our faculty comprises leading experts and practitioners from diverse fields that ensure they gain practical, industry-relevant insights that enable them to excel in their careers.

Our strong industry partnerships and reliable placement cell ensure our graduates are equipped with all of the skills and connections needed for success in their chosen fields. Our alumni network stands as a testament to this success; many graduates currently hold key positions at top companies throughout India and beyond.

As we take time to celebrate this remarkable accomplishment, we remain aware that much work remains. We continually search for ways to improve our academic programs, infrastructure, and support services to give our students every advantage for success.

According to the GHRDC (Global Human Resource Development Centre) BBA Survey 2023, GIBS Business School has been ranked as one of the top-ranked PGDM/MBA colleges in Bangalore.


GIBS Business School has been given this ranking by GHRDC due to its academic excellence, infrastructure, faculty, student support services, and placements. GIBS Business School boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure including world-class libraries, computer labs, classrooms, and seminar halls. Their faculty includes highly qualified professionals that are committed to offering their students a superior educational experience.

GIBS Business School offers various courses such as PGDM, BBA, MBA, and Executive MBA programs. The PGDM course fee in Bangalore varies depending on the institution, and GIBS Business School offers a competitive fee structure. GIBS Business School has a track record of excellent placements with top companies such as Deloitte, Amazon, Flipkart, HDFC Bank, etc.

Therefore, GIBS Business School is an excellent choice for students looking for a top-ranked BBA or PGDM/MBA college in Bangalore.

Overall, GIBS Business School’s GHRDC BBA ranking represents an exceptional accomplishment and we are immensely honored that the trust and recognition we’ve been given from faculty, staff, students, alumni, and industry partners is acknowledged by GHRDC. As we embark on our path of excellence together, we invite you to discover what sets GIBS apart! Join us and experience a difference with GIBS today.


GIBS Business School: Best BBA College in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to several top-rated BBA colleges and universities that offer quality education and excellent placement opportunities. Bangalore University is among the most prestigious universities in Bangalore that offers a BBA program.

Bangalore University’s BBA admission process is highly competitive and candidates must satisfy eligibility criteria to gain admission.

If you’re searching for the top BBA college in Bangalore, there are multiple top-ranked institutions from which you can select one of them. The top 10 BBA colleges in Bangalore include GIBS Business School.

GIBS Business School stands out among Bangalore BBA colleges with its comprehensive BBA program that features value-added programs, subject matter experts, finishing school, innovation research & entrepreneurship school, global immersion program, business mastery program sports management program industrial visit unique mentoring model credit-based industry project.

As one of Bangalore’s premier business schools, GIBS Business School offers a selection of programs that cater to student’s individual needs and interests. Boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure and faculty of world-class caliber as well as exceptional placement opportunities. Their BBA admission process is straightforward with candidates needing only to submit academic transcripts and entrance exam scores as part of the admission requirements.

Bangalore is an educational hub and features top-rated BBA colleges and universities, such as Bangalore University’s acclaimed Bachelor of Business Administration program; additionally, there are top-ranked BBA colleges like GIBS Business School that provide quality instruction that prepares students for success in the business world.


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