GIBS Campus Biz Program: Developing Business Leaders of Tomorrow

GIBS Campus Biz Program: Developing Business Leaders of Tomorrow

GIBS Business School in Bangalore has taken a unique initiative to give its management students an opportunity to build their own businesses through the Campus Biz program. This program is a part of the Business Master program and has proven to be an incredible opportunity for students, as some businesses have increased their revenue by more than one crore last year. The program is now open to new applications and has generated a lot of excitement and buzz on campus.

The Campus Biz program is designed to give students real-world experience in starting and running a business. The program has been a great success, with over 300 footfalls at the event held on 16th February 2023. All 17 LCG groups of PGDM students completed successfully and each stall generated a good profit as well. The program is not only beneficial to students but also to the local vendors who are being assisted by the students.

The program starts with the formation of groups. Each group is expected to treat their group like a live-business firm and identify roles for each member according to their interests and skill sets. The group is then required to pick 3 products out of which one would be finalized for the LCG. The group must prepare a presentation for 3 minutes giving the details of the target market, marketing plan, procurement plan, finance plan, product specification, and qualitative market research. The presenter from the group will be randomly picked by the faculty, and during the presentation, the faculty may ask to switch the presenter to ensure that all members are well prepared.

Once the products have been finalized, the group must follow the LCG project guidelines. The project mandates a minimum of 20 hours of fieldwork, recordable in a PPT within 30 days for the whole project. The group is required to adopt a deserving vendor who is economically weak with low business literacy so that they value the guidance and support offered. Training programs related to business enhancement should be conducted for the vendor, and the same should be recorded in a worksheet. The group should start finalizing a local vendor immediately, and the vendor should be within a 3-4 km radius. Every meeting time/date and MOM with the local vendor should be recorded in a sheet and should be signed by the vendor every time after the meeting. Every meeting should be backed by photographs of all the group members. The group should guide the entire business of the local vendor in areas like marketing, hiring, placement of products, selling strategies, training sessions on entrepreneurship skills, etc., essentially redesigning the entire business.

The presentation of the LCG project should include all the above information, backed with real-time photographs of every meeting, and complete details of the local vendor, including their name, mobile number, and address of the shop. A real-time survey will be conducted by the team with all local vendors to know the real-time changes in their businesses before the final evaluation and after the final presentation. One high-resolution (quality) professional interview in English/local language should be recorded with the local vendor, and the same should be submitted on the day of the presentation.

The 17 LCG groups had unique business ideas that were diverse and promising. LCG-1 offered snacks and cold beverages, VR games, and customized T-shirts. LCG Group 02 had spring rolls (chayo), customized gifts, and nail polish. LCG 03 offered momos, printed T-shirt/hoodie, and a stationery set. LCG 04 had badam malt and spices, mobile, and laptop screen cleaner, and ladies’ earrings. LCG 5 offered mojito, customized arts and crafts, and ladies’ accessories. LCG -6 had waffles, customized natural products (hair oil, face wash), and customized laptop skins. LCG 07 had potato specials, Aloe Vera gel, and Godrej products. LCG 08 had Podi Idli, homemade personalized products, and girls’ accessories. LCG Group 9 had mocktails, laptop sleeves, and room fresheners. LCG group-10 had handmade chocolate, customized products, and jewellery. LCG 11 had perfume, Bandhini Dupatta, and natural hone. LCG 12 had dosa with varieties, unisex clothing, and ladies’ accessories. LCG-13 had nitrogen biscuits, T-shirts, and light bottles. LCG 14 had male accessories, hoodies, and sarpath. LCG -15 offered student food platters, earrings, and bracelets, and personalized hampers (handmade chocolates, posters, and gift cards). LCG 16 offered customized T-shirts, natural soap bars, and plant-based products. Finally, LCG 17 offered cold brew coffee, custom-made stationery, and wall art.

Each group put in a lot of effort to make their products unique and appealing to potential customers. The IRE Centre of Excellence played a significant role in helping the students plan and execute their business ideas. The students received training and support from the IRE School, which equipped them with the necessary skills and knowledge to create innovative products and business plans. The IRE School also provided expert guidance and mentorship to help the students overcome any challenges they faced during the planning and execution phases of their business ideas.

During the final presentation, the groups will have 10 minutes to present their work, followed by a Q&A session. The presenter from the group will be randomly picked by the faculty, and during the presentation, the faculty may ask to switch the presenter to ensure that all members of every group are well-prepared.

In conclusion, the Campus Biz program is an excellent initiative by the GIBS Business School, Bangalore, that gives management students an opportunity to build their own businesses. By providing the necessary guidance and the generous help of ₹25,000, the school is helping students unleash their entrepreneurial potential and gain hands-on experience in the world of business. The program has received an overwhelming response, and the success of the previous batches is a testimony to its effectiveness. With the current batch gearing up for the final evaluation, we can only wait and watch as they take the entrepreneurial world by storm.

GIBS Business School is one of the top-ranked exclusive business schools in Bangalore that offers a unique PGDM program. Promoted and driven by IIM alumni, GIBS is a non-IIM member institution that provides the best ROI to its students. The school aims for holistic development of IQ, EQ, SQ, and HQ and offers an industry-integrated program that is 50% practical, 20% fieldwork, and 30% theory.

GIBS Business School has a state-of-the-art infrastructure with a unique teaching pedagogy and 10+ student-driven societies. The campus buzzes with various activities, events, and competitions throughout the year, including the unique Campus Biz program.

The PGDM program at GIBS includes various value-added programs, subject matter experts, finishing school, innovation, research and entrepreneurship (IRE) school, global immersion program, business mastery program, sports management program, marketing lab, industrial visit, unique mentoring model, credit-based industry project, MOOC course, and even a uniform.

GIBS is known for its global exposure and 100% placements with over 160 MNCs. The campus has a diverse and inclusive environment that nurtures students and prepares them for the corporate world. The school also offers a BBA program in Bangalore, and students can easily get admission to the program through Bangalore University.

Overall, GIBS Business School is one of the top PGDM/MBA colleges in Bangalore that offers a unique and industry-integrated program. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, experienced faculty, and innovative teaching methodology, GIBS is a preferred choice for students seeking a career in management


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GIBS always believe in seeing is believing and we bet that you will love the state-of-art corporate infrastructure and you will also love meeting the team of innovative minds at GIBS who believe in spreading the Power of Positivity. Looking forward to meeting all of you in person at our campus. Thanks one and all.


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