GIBS campus feels like a dream amidst diverse educational facilities

GIBS campus feels like a dream amidst diverse educational facilities

Global Institute of Business Studies came into existence in 2014 and has never looked back, setting mighty standards for business education. Recognized for superior recognitions and rankings at the Karnataka State, Indian national, and international levels, GIBS looks forward to branching out in the coming years. When the main stem is doing so well, the branches should be well worth the study too. Visiting the GIBS extensive campus spread across 4.5 acres of greenery, it does seem like a dream come true. The vision is literarily true for the alumni who went through sensational internships and placements in this Mecca of multinational companies known as Bangalore.

Hopefully, the batches of bright boys and girls who join the best B school in Bangalore in 2019 will be equally lucky and earn positions of power and privilege just like the fabulously successful alumni who are motivating the juniors to follow in their worthy footsteps. Careers used to take decades to build in the previous lifestyle and perhaps even now in some sectors. Business offers fast promotions and the rise up the professional ladder is quick in comparison to many other sectors. It is true that entrepreneurship embraces almost all fields of endeavor like hospitality and healthcare.


An inspiring educational infrastructure

Obviously, all the equipment in the institution would not succeed without the faculty leading the educational progress. Along with those who teach and research are many who manage, keep accounts, and supervise the hostel besides preparing food and securing safety. The entire staff should be considered to judge an institution and the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore are worthy of mention.


Academic block

Shall we call it the heart of the scholarly enterprise? Yet, classrooms alone would not be successful without the library facilities and the internet café along with the auditorium where meetings, seminars, and workshops are held. When industry leaders come and join hands with the teachers and students, it is illuminating indeed. In the search for business knowledge, the extent of available resources has no ending, much like the expanses of space. Will you take up the challenge and face the library volumes and the internet’s millions of pages?

Seminar Hall and the Student Syndicate rooms, the Mentoring area, and the Amphitheater are all geared towards the one goal of student accomplishment. Like climbing a mountain, it is a patient day-by-day and week-by-week learning and experience across the few semesters of the course. After the study period, many more mountains remain to be conquered and it all adds up to a superhuman effort.


Recreation and leisure activities

The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore believe in the simultaneous development of physical and spiritual ability along with knowledge development. An actively dedicated life with enough exercise and regular eating and sleeping hours would be crucial for successful educational attainment. Further, boredom affects every aspect of life and is a great danger since it gets in the way of achievement, tempting youth and the aged towards evil and unhealthy pursuits. Sports facilities in the sumptuous playground that offers volleyball and football, cricket, and kabaddi should keep most of the students busy.

Not everybody is interested in throwing and kicking balls of different kinds around, though the health aspect is profound! The gym and the dance studio, the swimming pool, and the stage bring many kinds of opportunities and something is always happening. Creativity and imagination, innovation, and teamwork extend to sports activities and the cultural and dramatic too. Indoor games, yoga, and jogging, the pond and temple could provide respite when life gets rather hectic as it sometimes must. Study rooms, the clubhouse, and the poolside cafeteria provide many more things to do. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore do bring a taste of business adventure like a mirror of what the future would feel like in the challenging business world.


The pioneering clubs and committees

The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM programs along with the other courses encourage students to participate in the various clubs and committees that give them assorted experiences. According to personal interests, the girls and boys join the literary, cultural, or sports clubs along with several others based on academics and professional interests. Since learning cannot be confined to the classrooms and excessive academics will get tedious, here is the opportunity to get active along with friends to organize programs and undertake field visits, put up exhibitions, and have a dynamic learning experience.
Wardens take good care of hostels

Students from far and near can call GIBS their home for the duration of the semesters in the well-equipped and secure hostel facility. Whether it is the cafeteria or mess food, hot water, or the television, everything is put perfectly in place, and administration and security are never at fault. The rest of the action rests in the hearts and souls, minds, and bodies of the students attracted to this institution with a glorious future.


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