GIBS Competitive

Competitive spirit leads to business career success at GIBS

The digital world has brought the essentials of education and literacy within everybody’s reach and even in remote areas. In recent times, India has witnessed the growth of numerous business colleges, and not all are similar. Learning a few lessons via the multimedia and receiving certificates and degrees does not assure of professional positions. Rote learning and commercialization of education continues unlimited. Global Institute of Business Studies runs several business management programs and ensures that internships and placements in mega companies are successfully achieved. The 2 year full time AICTE approved PGDM program is worth the time and expense in view of ROI.


GIBS reaches the limelight within five years

The awards and recognitions that the institution has steadily earned through the years and records of student placements with leading companies vouch for the fact that the system is workingwell. The Bannerghatta 4.5 acre campus in Bengaluru with its greenery and the research-based faculty and advanced educational infrastructure promote excellent student learning experiences. Travel the world and visit the leading university campuses and it is similar technology and syllabi that would be encountered. What differs is how well the students and faculty interact and what happens during the weeks and months of the few semesters they come together. The Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore are excellent places to build awesome careers.


A competitive spirit develops values and skills

Each girl and boy who succeeds in joining GIBS has already finished at least 15 years of school education. With reputed institutions, it can well be said that the admission itself is a passport to the success of a lifetime with the assured placement. All along it has been learning by doing, interacting and living through the experiences in clubs and committees along with field trips, seminars and workshops. In early school, it was the classroom alone and the playground that were the scenes of action. In the later stages of education the learning experiences turned more diverse and now in GIBS it encompasses a variety of learning situations. Psychologists confirm that it is the competitive spirit when students are pitted against each other in cooperative ways that learning takes place. Learning is not possible in a void on an isolated island and rote learning is only memorization.


The feel good and safe factor

In colleges across continents in countries like America and China that host massive numbers of international students, the richly cosmopolitan campuses feel good, pleasant and safe. There are no tensions and peace and security is where students learn successfully. The library and the internet, the lecture halls and workshops all work together to promote little bits of action that must all combine at the end. So it is at the best B school in Bangalore.


Active and busy through eternity

Many health problems arise as a result of a sedentary lifestyle addicted to all kinds of gadgets along with television! The GIBS campus lifestyle would inspire many as an example of how body and mind sustain each other. The intellectual labors during the day need to be complemented with physical activity, rest and sound sleep along with a nutritious diet. There is never a paucity of leisure activities at GIBS. Most play games like basketball and volleyball but that is not the only leisure activity. Yoga and meditation, perhaps, or a round at the swimming pool to beat the heat?

Academic work and the completion of assignments and projects via honest and dedicated means rather than the copy and paste culture may be foremost. The sustained intellectual labor requires great positive thinking and a faith in the authorities. The alumni and their placements indicate that something good is waiting. It is an inspiration that becomes the ultimate driving force. And so labor on and on with a career foundation for a lifetime being built across the semesters. It is true that updating knowledge and skills will be required later and perhaps additional degrees and training. Yet, what you do now is what matters. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore bring out the best qualities and performances.


Study at the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore

Face the heat of competition but avoid stresses on the way to the top. Those who have adjustment problems and feel like a stranger will undergo counseling sessions and work with the staff and seniors to find the right opportunities. Besides, it is an energetic world in Bangalore that offers every kind of motivation for business success. Though study is effective in remote monasteries as happened long ago, the spirit of enterprise and competition, encouraging influences and accomplishments are truly present in urban settings. Give up the pleasures and celebrations for the moment and invest in the future. A few semesters and it is a moment of light and achievement when you join a great placement workforce at the end of the study.