GIBS completed the recent chapter of its Management Development Program (MDP) on the topic of “Moonlighting”

GIBS completed the recent chapter of its Management Development Program (MDP) on the topic of “Moonlighting”

The Management Development Program at GIBS, Bangalore, is unique in that it provides a platform for executives to grow in their careers. On November 30, 2022, GIBS completed a new chapter in its Management Development Program. The theme of this program was “Moonlighting,” one of the most burning topics of our time. During the panel discussion, renowned management and leadership experts from across the country shared their extensive knowledge and experience with the participants.


Top Speakers at the Management Development Program (MDP)

Many prominent names were included in the list of important speakers for this program. Mr. A Kiran Kumar Naik is the Vice President of Global Sales and Digital Initiatives, as well as the US Software Services Group. Ms. Rosmin Paul is the Head of Talent and Development for Schindler UK and Ireland. Mr. Anurag Talukdar is the Head and Director of Global Operations Support, as well as an experienced management consultant in the areas of operations, transformations, automation, and analytics. Professor Antrapreet Singh is the Professor of Practice, at Fore School of Management, an Ex-Director-Digital Learning at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad, MBA (HR & OB), IIM-Indore (Ph.D.), and B.E. (Electrical). Mr. Hari Prakash Karcherla is a senior faculty member of the GIBS Business School. He is a corporate leader with over three decades of experience in marketing, sales, HR, and logistics. He has worked as vice president and general manager at CEAT, Valvoline, Tata Motors, MRF, and Gillette.


Exploring the Hot Topic of “Moonlighting”

All the experts, coming from different backgrounds and with varied experiences, presented their views on moonlighting. The conversation started with the current state of moonlighting. Since COVID-19, more people are doing it because they can work from home, and many top IT companies have strict rules about it.

Mr. Antrapreet has worked in various sectors, such as manufacturing, technology, software, research, and education. He has closely observed the relationship between the employee and the employer. He expressed his views very clearly about the growing trend toward gig work. He also clearly stated his views on what is ethical and unethical in the context of moonlighting and explained them using various case studies as examples.

Mrs. Rosmin is a seasoned HR leader with experience working in top conglomerates like Tata Group and Schindler. She has observed the work cultures of India and Europe up close. The rapid emergence of concepts like moonlighting in a country like India, especially in the IT sector, is an important topic of discussion. Analyzing the reasons behind this, Mrs. Rosmin presented her views. As an HR, she also shared her thoughts on work-life balance, mental health, and additional workload in the context of moonlighting.

Mr. Kiran Naik has held leadership positions in sales and sales team management at top IT companies. He threw light on the issue of how moonlighting can be justified in such a profile where one often has to work for eight to twelve hours. Also, he talked about fair remuneration and the cost-labor ratio while moonlighting.

Mr. Anurag Talukdar is an ex-Wipro leader. At a time when Wipro primarily stands against moonlighting and associates it with cheating, it becomes necessary to discuss this concept. Mr. Anurag articulately presented his views on focused work and work injustice. He also discussed the shortage of talent in emerging areas like robotics and process automation and the resulting demand. Also, he tried to examine the sensitive issue of moonlighting from an organizational perspective.

All the panelists tried their best to uncover the many layers of the issue of moonlighting. The different backgrounds and experiences of the experts allowed participants to understand the issue in-depth and brought out many new dimensions.

Organized on the burning issue of moonlighting, this MDP proved to be a wonderful example of thought leadership. It has endowed the participant with amazing knowledge and experience that cannot be found on any other platform in such a short span of time. This effort by GIBS Business School is highly commendable.


MDP Program at GIBS

Executive education has been an important component of the portfolio of offerings at GIBS Business School. Training existing managers in their chosen domain is as important to furthering management education as imparting it to future managers. The Management Development Program (MDP) aims at enhancing competencies among managers and executives working at various levels.

The MDPs offered by the GIBS Business School cover a variety of areas such as finance, marketing, HRM, operations, project management, information systems, technology management, and corporate strategy. Each programme is structured with great care to ensure that it contains high-quality content. GIBS’ Management Development Programs are unique learning propositions for participants and aim to equip them with evolving management concepts, practices, attitudes, and approaches.

Through its MDP program, GIBS business school has opened up new possibilities. Getting an MDP is one of the most reliable strategies to achieve success in the fast-growing businesses of today. With GIBS’s MDP program, you can start your leadership journey. Click here for more information about GIBS and its MDP program.


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