GIBS connects students with academicians and corporates

GIBS connects students with academicians and corporates

Deserving the description as the best emerging B-school, Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, has conquered several peaks during its short existence. Among the most recent awards and honorable mentions for GIBS is the “BEST EMERGING B-SCHOOL IN BANGALORE” title by Worldwide Achievers in World Education Summit & Award 2018. “Careers 360 – The Education Hub” – 2018 awarded GIBS an AA+ rating in Karnataka. GIBS associated with CAT 2018, XAT 2019, and ATMA 2019.

Founded in 2014, GIBS works with a mission sincerely dedicated to the development of society. The primary education and health needs of the community get all the attention they deserve through the several branches of the GOYAL mission. Diversification of GIBS and the establishment of additional offices in India and abroad are in the planning.


Business education reaches greater heights of awareness in GIBS

In redefining the standards of business education, connecting students and faculty with the corporate world has been the primary agenda. Exposure to the GIBS campus would fill you with positive business vibes. Have you ever been to the offices of mega-businesses like Reliance and HCL? Asian Paints and Morgan Stanley? A similar awareness of business policies and acceptance of corporate challenges is felt at the GIBS campus. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore provide realistic education in the context of industry requirements.


Nurture the business dreams to the conclusion

How do you get to know when you have succeeded professionally? Not everybody reaches the same levels of job designations and incomes. Start-ups with new ideas run some risks like any other business, but many have achieved stunning success. Avoid getting lost in dreams but work hard to realize them. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore remind that service and giving back to society should be primary requisites and not incomes alone. Though the business is primarily a profit-making activity, excessive materialism can be destructive. The hunger for higher profits without labor lies at the heart of crime that promotes dreams of fast wealth.


The long and lonely road to success

If nothing else, the media will keep you company along the rough path to success. Ups and downs will occur. Some are in the habit of regularly changing jobs because of higher salaries. While that is a part of the competitive system, avoid too much of company change. Instead, follow some old world values of service and loyalty with many people in the previous generation serving in a single company all lifelong.

Mentoring at GIBS does take care of many personal issues. Those small things bother many people. Seek solace with the faculty when faced with confusion or in a dilemma. Along with parents and teachers, don’t forget spiritual values and the faith that can move mountains. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program will eventually bring greater success than you dreamed of. Think big and persevere hard.


The significant role of the media

In the days of universal social media via numerous websites, some of the millions of members active, the press has reached everywhere. Students in whatever field and particularly business would do well to apply the media lessons to their studies. Gone are the days when hard copy books meant everything. Books are essential even today, but the internet brings you more updated study materials. Using several sources, media types and styles of learning would be the best policy and most effective.

The best B school in Bangalore recommends the multimedia experience that has become so affordable now and within everybody’s reach. GIBS has all the technological systems in place, and students need to use them properly. Media gives students lots to do though excessive exposure to electronic systems can result in mental stress. Students are young and need to lead physically active lives, eat, and sleep regular hours.

Individuals and groups across international borders can work together with social media support. Regular study habits would include a portfolio of study materials as private copies with copying become very cheap nowadays. DVDs and pen drive also help to store soft copies that would be printed later according to need. Maybe students are worried about too many pages of printed materials!

Make sure that you maintain a favorable social media profile that will grow as you progress along life’s journey through professional pursuits. Have you not seen the long list of degrees and services that social media users often maintain on their page or website, blog, or profile? While some may think that social media is destructive and a waste of time filled with dangers, the opposite is also exact. Contact like-minded people online maybe business students and stay in close touch for mutual benefit, perhaps for a lifetime.

The bookworm type introspective students may wish to avoid what seems to be glaring publicity via the media. Be assured that there is no existence nowadays far away from the media unless you live in remote deserts or forests! Successful work in companies as managers would require very efficient use of the media. That should not be a problem now that almost everybody is computer literate. Smartphones make media use so much easier, and they are so portable too. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore wish that students and faculty wove the media resources into the very fabric of their existence. Let the heart and soul be filled by the media that has already invaded our lives thoroughly. Avoid dwelling upon the evil effects of the media and participate in an open heart.