GIBS Curriculum and Faculty boost business management careers

GIBS Business School Curriculum and Faculty boost business management careers

Admission time has arrived and now it is a race to join the numerous courses available with fervent prayers for academic success. GIBS will take in the 2019 batch for BBA, MBA, and PGDM and the fresh batches will launch their potential business careers with a bang.

While every parent and boy and girl wishes for reputed and outstanding institutions for higher education, it is often a bitter struggle. Unless the child gets a scholarship, does well in entrance examinations, or belongs to a reserved quota, the chances are difficult. What is generally believed seems to be very true is that the training at the top level institutions would guarantee a lifetime of professional success. Who wants to undergo the drudgery of mediocre jobs?


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The choice of profession is a tricky one and difficult to decide. While parents would want engineering and medicine in the traditional days, such careers may not suit the child. Along with inclination and interest, skills, and aptitudes, a business management career promises a world of achievement and happiness. Not only is the whole world in the grip of mega-companies but extremely well-paying jobs with fast promotions would be possible in the magical commercial world that has transformed many lives in recent times.

While every street and locality in the town or city life represents global companies with electronics and data and television companies, the media is truly inspiring. Some years ago, everybody talked of the consumer goods-driven world and now it is a world of gadgets and AR, AI, and VR! Realization dawns on how great the opportunities in terms of business are when every family possesses several of these gadgets and the future will only bring more and more.

Besides, electronics is not the only world that shows a business explosion. Consider retail sales online and the many startups that are making it big globally. With shopping moving online in mighty dimensions, a great variety of products get easily sold at high-profit margins with cheaper prices and greater variety. Expenses are saved on maintaining the mall store and paying labor and rent.


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Professional courses are certainly far more expensive in comparison to the other degree courses that teach no professional skills. Common sense indicates that the best courses need to be intimately connected with the requirements of a profession for an easy transition from college to the workplace. Can there exist a better investment than investment in education? One can certainly expect a mighty ROI that would lead to a highly successful business management career. Service to the family, community, and country in addition to giving back to the college would be successfully achieved in the right institution.


The basics of a business

Generating either product through manufacturing or assembly or delivering a range of services, any business organization requires similar conditions. Along with manpower and finance, raw materials would be required. Besides the essential requirements, many more would be later included like equipment and advertising, networking, and management but the fact remains that the blueprint requires certain essential factors. True stories are many of those who started with humble situations and worked their way up to build empires or construct colleges or hospitals to help society! They chased one dream and persevered along with whatever extraordinary skills they possessed.


Global Institute of Business Studies is the best place to be

The megacity of Bangalore has numerous business schools and almost all follow a similar curriculum as is followed the world over. A few minutes online would allow the retrieval of all the important lessons taught at business schools. What differentiates the diverse institutions is the quality of faculty that delivers the curriculum and breathes life into the lessons. Further, realistic teaching is important with industry-experienced staff and exposure to local companies. The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore successfully reach the boys and girls to the peaks of the business universe.

Employability is the crucial factor and it is a well-rounded personality that is capable of handling tough professional challenges and working in cosmopolitan settings. Soft skills and an attractive and confident personality along with superb communication skills would be compulsory. Dedication and leadership qualities, teamwork, and the ability to motivate and inspire would make a successful business manager. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program at GIBS keeps its promises.


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Check out the GIBS placement and internship records over the last few years to be convinced that the best companies recruit their students after graduation. Take a tour of the Bannerghatta world-class 4.5-acre campus and get glimpses into the infrastructure and facilities available.


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