GIBS dedicated faculty and profound achievements

GIBS dedicated faculty and profound achievements

The top colleges and universities worldwide show the same characteristics. Along with the infrastructural facilities like the campus and the buildings come first in importance the high-quality faculty. As compared to the chalk-and-talk methods of teaching of the remote past is added today to the exquisite world of digital technology might bring a few headaches but proves very effective in learning and communication, work and play. Mighty achievements are then possible in the professional world for girls and boys after passing out, but the initial foundation has been laid within the institution. Global Institute of Business Studies, in spite of a rather short existence as educational institutes go, has set a few benchmarks and proved its mettle. The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM programs would prove to be a passport to infinite success.


A galaxy of awards and rankings for GIBS

After completing higher secondary school and perhaps graduation, it is time to write admission examinations and mentally prepare to join a business school for those who are so inclined. Choosing a good institution is the task, but think carefully of your interests and avoid making a mistake in choosing a career if it is a lifetime’s quest for fulfillment. Do not make a mistake and choose a field that will not sustain. A basic interest in industry, sales, and entrepreneurship with a leaning toward commerce would be the best recipe. Specialist training and the choice of suitable options in the course would set the pace and show the way.

How to judge an institution amongst the dozens of similar organizations that are adept at awarding degrees that may not be so effective professionally speaking? Reputations matter and what is said and felt, heard, and thought to provide intimate glimpses. Rankings, awards, and recognitions confirm that GIBS is serious about student careers and honors the promises to obtain distinctive internships and placements for them at the end of the course. Choose the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore for a lifetime of professional achievement.

Among the recent accolades for GIBS is the COLLEGE SEARCH ‘Student Choice Award 2017.’ Just Dial has certified 5 Star Rankings for the institution. ‘BEST EMERGING B SCHOOL IN BANGALORE’ is the recognition granted by Worldwide Achievers in World Education Summit & Awards 2019. Associated with CAT, ZAT, and ATMA 2019, GIBS is set to reach far along the path to glory.


Faculty that illuminates the learning path

Having reached many significant milestones, the GIBS faculty continues to work night and day in researched endeavors to bring the best of scholastic education and practical industry-oriented skills to the students. Traditional classroom approaches combine with networking and digital experiences for the all-round development of the students. The positive influence of cosmopolitan Bangalore cannot be denied with umpteen MNCs, manufacturing, and service organizations in search of the best business management talent. Campus selections take place regularly and the lucky and most meritorious students get the creamy layers of the jobs available.

Indian and international professors and lecturers with doctorates and MBAs combine their experience and expertise to provide a glittering path to knowledge. Besides the transmission of information, it is the personal mentoring and teacher-student relationships that succeed in authentic understanding rather than a semblance of learning! The rise of digital media makes everything look so easy, which it is not.

In order to mention some of the luminaries in the academic field in the top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore, Dr.K. Aparna Rao, and Professor R.B. Lakshmi occupy very senior positions. One can imagine how much study, research, and experience they needed to reach so far. Professor Soumya M. and Professor Kumar Sai Deepak are some other stars in the heavenly status of the GIBS faculty that go to great lengths to ensure the best career options for boys and girls in search of business success.


International Faculty

Living through a globalization phase chiefly due to the foreign influences brought about by the digital world and the internet, standards have risen enormously. Professor Bergstresser Daniel and Dr. Sandra Carver are the leading educationists who render their prowess to the young minds at GIBS. Professor Robert Cha and Dr. Graddy Kathryn are two more academic enthusiasts who impart the love of learning in business terms. Mentioning a few of the international faculty, Professor Jefferson Gary and Dr. David Clune have their particular approaches to business learning. The best B school in Bangalore imparts a passion for business and the accomplishments of the staff and students are many.


Excellent Placement Records

Whether it is electronics, healthcare, textiles, or manufacturing and services, the business opportunities in Bangalore are numerous. Having a dynamic Placement Committee and preparing the students in the art of facing interviews and writing tests, numerous successful; students with excellent positions and pay packages have passed out of the institution. Internships come first that provide the real experience of working conditions to be built upon later. Join one of the top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore for shining careers.


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