GIBS Devotes more on Thinkers not Graduates… – May 30, 2016

GIBS Devotes more on Thinkers not Graduates…

Recently, the state department showed dissatisfaction towards the lack of knowledge and industrial readiness towards graduates walking out of college. Even the industry think tanks were not satisfied with the standard of education provided in colleges. Most of the syllabus does not make these youngsters industry ready.

It has been noticed that there is a missing link between the education provided and the market requirements. Moreover, most of the educational institutions just adhere to the syllabus and not engage in inculcating the thinking and questioning of things. This creates a wide gap between the realities and expectations.

The industrial requirements are different. The bookish knowledge will always be there. It can be retrieved any time. But what matters is creativity. Something like thinking out of the box and sometimes even discarding the box! Students should be encouraged to think differently and their questioning ability should be encouraged. Accepting everything the way it is will kill innovation.

By the way, the question remains. What is real education then? Real education is not only about subjects but also about ethics; about training the mind to be healthier. To embrace the differences and respecting the environment also.

There is big lacuna in the education system today. Necessary steps have to be taken to control the seepage of knowledge. People’s participation is important. The educational system has to be developed which is robust and scalable. Moreover, the system has to be evolving to accommodate new trends and needs. It should not be time struck as it is presently. Integration of values is the need of the day. Youngsters getting alienated from the society and family is a serious issue.

This type of system will give raise to thinkers and not mere graduates who are not even well versed in the subjects they take up. A good educational system will give raise to a healthy society.


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