GIBS elevates the campus life with animated clubs as the year ending approaches – October 24,2017

GIBS elevate campus life with animated clubs as the year-ending approaches

Every worthy institution and particularly business studies courses deserves to become a residential campus like the Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore. Like a large dedicated family, the boys and girls are constantly busy with dynamic activities that contribute towards the building of skills and abilities. Like an extension of classroom work, a program of activities that involve clubs and committees of several kinds gear up each year to bring rare learning experiences within easy reach. While 2017 is gradually coming to an end with high anticipations for 2018, several programs in October and November keep the students occupied and exploring new horizons.

GIBS has proved through the few years of its existence to be an institution with a purpose and a mission. Unlike the dozens of institutions that have grown to cope up with the demand for management education, GIBS inspires students with an authentic vision. The leadership potential of vibrant managers is inculcated through a series of personality building efforts and exposure to quality programs in keeping with the best in the world. The role of ethics in life is stressed and the positive ability to take sustained decisions is developed through enhanced training on real-life projects.

The boys and girls who study here do not inhabit a dream world though it is often said that student life is a golden life. Very much aware of the challenges corporate life would bring, the students are constantly working towards greater learning, skills, and experiences besides industry exposure. Industry leaders do visit the campus and talk to students about their own experiences. Field trips to study how companies function to provide further eye-openers.

A global network of alumni who have reached senior management positions, foreign faculty, and students from abroad are intense reminders that the world has now turned into a global village. Very few areas are remote anymore except perhaps in lonely forests far away from cities. The internet has made that great difference and the whole world is crowded up there online, busy with study, work, communications, administration, business, and social media.


Club inaugurations and Food Fiesta in October

Information Technology Club does represent the aspirations of the global city of Bangalore that brought about the garden city revolution. The launch of the Information Technology Club on 19 October provides a focus and a celebration of the wonders of Information Technology that has pervaded every aspect of modern life. You cannot study or work, communicate, or play nowadays without software backup. Can you learn IT from books? Hardly, though books are needed too. Besides working on their college projects and extending the knowledge and skills of the club members, the group has another laudable initiative. They wish to encourage society to adopt IT which is not a reality yet among many people. It does look as if IT is universal which it is not yet. The masses have a long way to go yet and campaigns like these do help spread the general consciousness.

X-Factor Club was inaugurated by the Creativity Team on 10th October in search of some mystic secrets! The Carnival did represent the ethos and the yearnings of the bright young boys and girls who are at a crucial stage of their lives, trying to find a professional niche in management careers. Though the future is so important, the present is the stepping stone that must be crossed to reach the stars. The seniors handing over the baton to the juniors is a time-honored custom in education as it is in all walks of life. The blessings of the older generation always haunt the new in their search for identity and meaning in life. Performances came to vivid life and color, through music and dialogue, and props that defy the imagination. They could not have been more creative. Sheer artistry at its vibrant best was experienced. Bollywood and Cinderella, Vampires, and Halloween came through with a mighty grace, through the media haze that surrounds everything these days.

The FOOD FIESTA on 21st October was one more of those occasions that put a smile on every face. Food is truly universal, the one aspect of our lives that unites everybody, even more than shelter and clothes. During fun events such as these, we do not seem to realize that food is a basic requirement of life. India is truly blessed with multiple styles of cuisine across the length and breadth of the vast country. Across the centuries came many invaders and they left their imprint on Indian food styles. Now that the world has opened up via the global media, a fusion of food cultures and cuisines is ongoing. The treat did inspire and the various activities gave the boys and girls lots to do. One does not have to be a foodie to appreciate all the stuff on display.

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