GIBS elevates the last minute’s suggestion to crack the entrance exams of business studies – November 02,2017

GIBS elevates the last minute’s suggestion to crack the entrance exams of business studies

GIBS Bangalore is taking an initiative to supply the required resources for top entrance exams of business studies. This year’s exam is on the head of the participants. Therefore, the senior personalities have decided to assemble last minute suggestions for the newcomers. Now, students can brush-up their studies with the help of the best trainers. Global Institute of Bangalore has created an international training procedure to boost up the students for CAT, MAT, CMAT and other entrance exams. These hurdles are so important to build a prosperous career of a student. If anybody lives back in preparation, then that would count a huge loss. GIBS, suggests that every student should fight from the preparation period of entrance exam to the last day of the final semester. This struggle would give the students a lifetime base and they wouldn’t think twice about their skills in future.


CAT in November:

The CAT entrance exam at GIBS is going to be held on November 2017. Students have a certain time to review their syllabus. Actually, CAT is a highly essential program for creating a considerable rank at various stages of academic life. During the preparation of CAT, students must avoid zigzag patterns. The smart preparation strategy is the basic that is depended on the tough reading schedule.

Focus on the basic conception of CAT thoroughly. Follow the questions of last few years and syllabus to get the idea of the exam. Complete the basic level’s study and don’t leave until you manage certain confidence.

If you see that you are getting trouble in solving statistics and mathematics, then revive your math notes. This section is the most important section among three of CAT exam.

Practice mock test online is another tip of last-minute suggestion. A student should have enough confidence to carry the pressure of the mock test. This is must for developing the accuracy level, speed, and weaknesses. Viva creates the most hectic effect on the entrance exam. Practicing mock test as many as possible would solve this flaw.

The pass outs of GIBS have suggested finding more than one way of solving mathematics. CAT questions bring unpredictability sometimes. The methodical solution wouldn’t show the right result of the problem. Therefore, practicing more than one way of solution would help you to improvise on the desk.

Divide the hours of last few days and thoroughly revise every section of the three. Giving equal importance to each section is mandatory for CAT exam because every section needs good marks.


MAT in December:

GIBS institute is suggesting students for the MAT entrance exam which will hold on December 2017. The Management Aptitude Test of this session is demanding newer strategy of preparation. As MAT is the most popular tests that are organized by the worldwide community of management, therefore students should mount a mind set-up for a stronger fight. There would be 200 questions that have to be answered within 2 and ½ hours.

Five sections:

1. Environment Indian and International
In this section, students have to build a strong conception of current affairs, politics, banking, sports, and business. The questions would be crafted from such topics. Students should have a hold on the flow of modern society of India and International.

2. Mathematical ability
This section is decorated with average, profit & loss, percentage, number system, ratio, time & work, geometry & trigonometry and speed & distances. As much as you can solve the problems quickly you would be able to rectify your grade on this topic.

3. Critical reasoning and Intelligence
The paper is related to relationships, verbal reasoning, coding & decoding, directions sense and identifying patterns in number sets. How much you can develop your skill on criticism, you would be able to score confidence in this paper.

4. Language Comprehension
This section decreases the marks of the students most. Without an extreme hold on language, students would be unable to handle the section. Here most of the questions come from word analogies, vocabulary, antonyms & synonyms, sentence completion, rearranging sentences and reading comprehensions. Thoroughly check-up of the language becomes mandatory to get good feedback from this department.

5. Sufficiency & Data analysis
Data sufficiency, data comparisons, bar graphs, pie charts and data tables are the related topics of questions.
Here you have a complete knowledge about the topics of sections of MAT entrance exam. Now, you have a month hardly to assure certain ability on the chapters. Therefore, students must follow the last minute’s tactics to accomplish their preparation.
• Give as much mock test as possible. It would rectify your confidence on handling each and every topic within time.
• Practice concept consolidation as much as you can. The students have to publish a strong analysis on any given subject quickly. Thus, you can manage the topics.
• Don’t be tensed about the exam, try to enjoy that.
The formal exams of CMAT & XAT and ATMA are going to be held on January and February of 2018. Students can follow the pages of GIBS to get more details about such exam.

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