GIBS enables you to build a new age business career foundation for a lifetime

GIBS enables you to build a new age business career foundation for a lifetime

Lifestyles and careers are changing rapidly just like the approaches to work and study. Perhaps the age-old life is still being lived in remote villages. The impact of digital technology and the coming of the internet will sooner or later profoundly influence the whole world for the better. While most would say that it is a positive change, the negative effects are also true like an automated existence, the stress and the loss of the human face, the sacrifice of jobs to robots and the internet crime. The rise of mega-businesses in the 21st century that make maximum use of technology raise many wonderful career opportunities! Why not take up the challenge and study the 2year full time AICTE approved PGDM program and make a dramatic start to a high flying business career?


The time for admissions dawns in GIBS

Just like dozens of institutions of various professional horizons across the bustling global city of Bangalore, Global Institute of Business Studies is taking in admissions for the 2019 batch of PGDM, MBA and BBA courses. Admissions are not so simple with the qualifying entrance exam to be written successfully along with good performances in the interview and group discussion. Subjects like economics and commerce studied earlier along with real work experience would be an advantage in the postgraduate courses PGDM and MBA.

The career graph begins in college!

Many students make the great mistake of thinking that jobs will commence only after study finishes and waste the precious college years. The truth is that the career foundation and beginnings are laid during the academic semesters. While studying the dual specializations according to inclinations and skills, the lifetime journey of the business management career has begun. In a similarway, education started long ago in the early primary school. If you are sure that the chief interest lies in business management along with the required performance levels in examinations and so advised by teachers and family, the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore would be the best bet to invest wisely in the future.


The leading company internships and placements

Higher education in India in general remains in a terrible condition. Studying a few books and passing examinations certainly do not constitute professional education. Students may learn the complexities of a subject but remain unfit in the employment sector. As a result is the joblessness that affects the millions of students who pass out each year. In the business management education that is the leading field today along with computers, healthcare and hospitality, it is believed that only 7% possess the ability to find good employment. The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore will transform the boys and girls into slick professionals.

During the academic semesters at GIBS, the internship with a leading company provides the first glimpse of the real working world. A few weeks of duty would be sufficient to gauge your own skills and abilities in the tryst with the professional world. The sudden flowering of consciousness reveals the mind in an expanding state as you comprehend what the future would be like in those plush working places in the near future. For those who have already acquired some working experience, it is yet another feather in the cap. Read a few resumes online in the social media and you come across a list of foremost companies served across the years. As a general rule, it is safer and wiser to dedicate services to a single company instead of becoming a butterfly.

As compared to professional degree courses and vocational courses too that have no bridges to build with work careers, the best B school in Bangalore brings a crowning glory at the end of the few semesters in the form of glorious placements. While the placement opportunity is not the same for all the students, some of them do qualify for superb beginnings to a business career. Others have to be satisfied with lesser initial stages. It is universally recognized that the career ladder needs to be gradually climbed with diligent effort over the years, but business careers bring fast track promotions, unlike in the olden days.


Commence the construction of the career foundation

Now is the time to build the career in GIBS and not later in the job. Internship and placement records of GIBS during the last few years confirm that splendid opportunities would arise for those who put heart and soul into the studies and learning activities. Look at the media full of mighty corporations and get motivated to shine amidst the stars. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore will help launch such a mighty career not after the graduation but as soon as the admission formalities are completed. Not everybody is built to succeed as a business manager just like not all could be doctors and lawyers. Once the career decision is made based upon certain valid criteria, commence the dedicated work that would continue for decades perhaps.