GIBS encourages creativity with business ideas among the students

GIBS encourages creativity with business ideas among the students

Can you build a universe out of nothing? Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore believes you can! While many wise definitions of creativity exist, and some of them are inspiring, does it apply to the business world? The answer is most definitely ‘yes.’ Earlier, it was thought that creativity involved in the world of painters, musicians, and dress designers alone. Now that science has studied so much of the mind and the brain, the conclusions are different and encouraging. Combining different ideas lies at the heart of the creative process. Comparing the global technology highway to the brain networks would be an example of that. An artist might depict the human head containing global internet connections.

The best B school in Bangalore inspires the boys and girls to work creatively. A positive approach is an essential part of the creative process. Being prepared for sustained hard work is crucial. Working creatively by merging different things and finding common ground is a wholesome process. The vast tracts of greenery on the upper Himalayas and the blue expanse of the ocean have something in common. The teeming cities, the beehives and ant colonies are similar too, through sheer numbers.


A present-day world of creativity

Living as we are in the conceptual age with the several successful online start-ups in Bangalore, for instance, first came the idea for an innovative business. In a world of websites and apps, many of them originated with a new approach that clicked.

Looking back across history, in the beginning, came agriculture, followed by the industrial world and then the information age. Flooded by excessive information, the time is ripe for conceptual thinking in the realm of ideas. The world is now full of concepts, and some of them are bound to work very well. Just like water finds its level wherever it is poured in containers, good ideas will preserve their importance in any situation.


Developing the thirst for creativity

How to get creative? Sweat and labor seem to be the only recipe for artistic success. Though physical energy may not be involved, struggling at the desk all day might be meticulous enough. Debating through endless meetings to find solutions like the migrant crisis at the American border with Mexico is such an example. While creativity would extend to science and politics, administration and economics, the Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore are working with business ideas. Primarily, after the study of economics and commerce, currencies, and supply chains, the problem is to establish business or find solutions while working for a company. Avoid getting carried away by dreams of business empires. Rome cannot indeed be built in a day or two. It will take many years of steady and sustained hard work to establish a successful business that will light up the future. Agreed that some start-ups in Bangalore have flowered almost immediately but they are rare exceptions.


Building the business career foundation

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore are busy every day with faculty and infrastructure to create the student knowledge and skills foundation. Coming from a variety of backgrounds, the boys and girls at GIBS need to channelize their energy towards the understanding of the business sector and salient aspects of operations according to specializations chosen. Dual specializations have an advantage in the career fields with increased choices. Finance, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Management are some of those hot choices that are in high perennial demand. Money, workers, and materials are crucial to all enterprises dealing with manufacturing and services or both.


The heat of creativity

No creativity can take place in a vacuum. Just like chemical processes require certain conditions to be fulfilled, creativity must have certain supporting factors.  Opportunities and encouragement, training, motivation, practice, and perseverance are all necessary. Time and effort, patience, and persistence are some factors that contribute.

The 2-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program finds creativity in every student except that some may be more gifted at finding creative ideas. You have to believe that you can make a difference and come up with some dazzling work of genius. Applied in the business sense, creativity may be different from the world of art and culture, but the application is the same. Perhaps teamwork can show the way for those who are hesitant. It is working together at GIBS across the semesters before internships and placements may take place. Even then, it is working in a group in the company rather than alone though some decisions may be made individually. Accountability follows, and you have to tolerate the consequences of your choices or actions.

The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore realize that routine study procedures are creative too like the process of gathering materials. While researching, students have to sift through many ideas before collecting and processing the best materials. Then they assemble the contents and find new shapes, designs, and meanings. Keep working hard, and the light will appear soon at the end of the dark tunnel.