GIBS encourages physical fitness and recreation via regular sports activities

GIBS encourages physical fitness and recreation via regular sports activities

If there is anything that can save the future, it is the innocence, dedication, and good health of sports participation as compared to all the contemporary vices. It is universally accepted that various forms of physical activity maintain vigorous health by promoting body metabolism and reverse many symptoms of aging and mental decline. When we insist upon the physical, it is evident that the mind is also getting a boost as the mighty brain rules over everything! Some authorities rightly think that the benefits of yoga and meditation that deal with the body as much as the mind would show the way to better and healthier lifestyles. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore encourage indoor and outdoor games and sports as an essential part of the business study package.


GIBS Sports Academy

The top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore stress physical activities. GIBS organizes such events around the year. Basketball and Volleyball, Cricket and Cycling are some areas of interest unless it is online games that are universal favorites. Many are the skills waiting to be learned in sports fields and computer screens.


Adopting a commercial approach to business education

Isn’t it evident that the study of business would extend the economic principles to their institution? Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, believes in an activity that is ruled by values and traditions. Adopting a systematic and principled approach to the best of business education, a network of industry contacts ensure that the most exceptional internships and placements offer students the right opportunities for exciting and fulfilling careers.

The best B school in Bangalore realizes that the mighty sports industry spread across the world and encompassing dozens of games and sports holds great business potential too. Consider just a few international events like the cricket and football competitions and the Olympics and Asian games to realize the excellent business prospects. Even though they may be held only annually or once in four years, the revenues would equal the earnings of huge corporations. Many businesses are seasonal like agriculture itself and the short harvest season that brings mighty profits. Tourist seasons too do not last long either according to the weather or festivals, but the incomes are enormous.


Interests and specializations

Sports goods and the supporting infrastructure like stadiums offer great business opportunities. Being busy with the television and the mobile phone indoors all the time is not healthy and leads to mental stress and weak eyesight. Compare that lifestyle with the games out on the field or track events and the beach, surfing and diving activities. While it has to do with interests, specializations like supply chain management and manufacturing would lead to such sports fields that apply universally.

In business, emerging trends often change and things that are liked today may go out of fashion soon. Sports and physical fitness gadgets, just like food and medicine, religion and law enforcement will hold well over time no matter what. It is always better to develop a range of interests and keep options open. A smart businessperson is still prepared to change fields according to the situation. No wonder that shops in the town can quickly change from grocery to electronics according to the need of the hour.


The outer and the inner worlds

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore encourage active lifestyles even if it is jogging or running daily. Academic labor that stresses the mind should be continuously balanced with physical activities, mainly when the classes are done in the evenings. A balance of mind and body would thus be achieved. Otherwise, the danger of turning into a bookish lifestyle would be counter-productive. A practical approach of learning by doing and experimentation, field visits and clubs and committees organizing exhibitions are other ways to intensify education. Books alone won’t turn you into a capable business manager through the knowledge from books is crucial too. While only books taught lessons in the olden days, a range of media makes learning so much more exciting and useful, quicker, and action based these days.

It is not all fire and fury in the realm of sports though it may sometimes appear so. For those who are not interested in violent games, quiet indoor games like chess and cards may be prescribed. What about yoga postures that are carefully and deliberately assumed? Many are the health and mind advantages of assuming the yogasanas or positions, and India has a rich tradition over the centuries. Yoga is a profound gift of India to the world.

Recent times have witnessed an international interest in mindfulness and meditation, so much so that they have been prescribed and practiced in hundreds of schools in England. Hospitals and prisons use them to bring peace to the troubled minds of patients and prisoners. Meditation has the power to transform the harassed world into numbing peace and get rid of the technology-induced stresses. Give it a chance and see what splendid transformations may take place in the inner personality. Perhaps a musical accompaniment as available on YouTube videos or meditation apps could get you started.


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