10 Ways GIBS Ensures Campus Safety During COVID-19 for PDGM / BBA Students

10 Ways GIBS Ensures Campus Safety During COVID-19 for PDGM / BBA Students

At a time when COVID-19 is wreaking havoc across the world, going to a college to study has become a far-off dream. Group studies, field trips, and classroom activities are seeming like activities from a different era. While the digital world is providing us with everything in our homes, there’s no doubt we miss the dynamic environment of a college.

How do you trust which college to apply to for a business degree? Will the next batch have in-person classes? Will the college take enough safety measures?

If these questions are running through your mind, let us show you why the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) should be your choice.

Being in the top 30 best Business schools in the country requires work and commitment. GIBS has proved time and again that they have both. Their dedication to their students is par excellence.

While the world is reeling under COVID-19 pressure, GIBS has swiftly taken steps to ensure its campus is safe for aspiring students.


Here is a list of 10 steps GIBS has taken during the pandemic.


1. Campus Disinfection

On an everyday basis, the campus is sanitized and disinfected. Superior-quality sodium and ethyl alcohol are used for disinfecting surfaces and all items respectively. Trash clearance is carried out with utmost precaution.


2. Availability of Sanitisers

Sanitizers have been placed at all entrances of the campus. From the gates to offices and classrooms, it is mandatory for everyone to sanitize before entering.


3. Thermal Scanning

One of the most important methods being used across the country – thermal scanning. The institute will ensure everyone’s temperature is checked before they step foot inside the campus.


4. Restricted Entry

Any symptomatic individuals with signs of a fever, cough, cold, etc., will not be allowed on the GIBS campus. Only those who pass the thermal scanner at normal temperature will be permitted access.


5. Online Conferences

Conferences and seminars are significant learning opportunities for students. Without compromising on the faculty and material, GIBS has shifted all conferences and seminars to the digital medium. This will continue until it is safe for gatherings to happen.


6. Social Distancing

Another vital precaution against COVID-19 is advised and re-advised by authorities. GIBS is following social distancing everywhere. Whether it is the classrooms, computer labs, canteen/mess, library, or hostel, students are to be seated at a distance of 2 yards.


7. Compulsory Masks

Masks are being referred to as the new norm in society. While many are breaking this rule at the risk of their own safety, GIBS has made it compulsory. They will be providing masks to all students on campus.


8. Immunity Building Food

Health experts have advocated the importance of nutritious food in augmenting immunity. GIBS has made sure that only immunity-boosting food is provided on campus. Improving the immune system has become paramount at this juncture.


9. Counseling

COVID-19 has also caused mental stress and trauma to many people around the world. Always keeping mental health on top priority, GIBS has counselors available on campus for any students that may require help.


10. Anti-bacterial Hand Wash

A simple but critical addition to all washrooms on campus, liquid anti-bacterial hand washes have been fitted.

Along with all these measures, GIBS is constantly monitoring the situation in the country. Until it is advised to make the campus experience available to students, they are leaving no stone unturned to beef up virtual learning. Classes, assignments, seminars, internships, certification programs, industry exchange programs – you name it, they have it!


If you are looking at pursuing a degree in business but are worried that COVID-19 will ruin your plans, don’t fret. GIBS has got you covered.


Don’t let the pandemic diminish your dreams in any way!