GIBS Faculty and Other Staff Members Consistently Attend To Student Concerns – November 20,2017

GIBS Faculty and Other Staff Members Consistently Attend To Student Concerns

While it is true that for hundreds of years, the faculty has been primarily considered the life and soul of an educational institution, the 21st century has become very complicated. The chalk-and-talk methods of the teacher no longer apply in the networked universe of a global village. The reliance on books and libraries has also ended with a proliferation of teaching materials available worldwide at the click of a few buttons over the internet. Yet, while students and the public are getting smarter under the impact of global awareness and the advertising and tones of information that flows in all directions, the faculty is also progressively enlightened. Teachers have a better chance to keep up with global developments in the different fields of study. Teaching is nowadays considered purely a transfer of information instead of the inspirational and motivational value it once had.

Regarding the effectiveness of teaching and the positive impact on the taught, it is the residential institutions that stand the best chance of success. Instead of meeting students for a couple of hours as happens in day colleges, the boys and girls participate day and night in the learning process. The faculty and hostel staff take on the roles of parents and mentors and guide the students in a home-away-from-home ambiance over several semesters.

With foreign students also studying in the institution, it is a stimulating give and take besides the development of future professional contacts. Cross-cultural togetherness does bring a deeper understanding of the different languages, nationalities, religions, and cultures. A daily building of bridges of understanding should go a long way for mutual benefit.


Student Roles and Responsibilities

Student participation in the GIBS curriculum essentially commences in classrooms with the writing of projects, engaging in group discussions and seminars besides interaction with the faculty in a variety of situations. The fulfilling and action-filled campus life exposes students to a diversity of learning and extra-curricular situations. Consider the celebrations of the various festivals and international commemorative days, each with a lesson that goes straight to the heart. Arrangements are painstakingly carried out with management expertise and immense fervor.

Unlike students in colleges in advanced countries, students in India do not take up part-time jobs that would have generated revenues besides providing valuable experiences. Work preferably in the same field of study like management which is further divided into various specializations like finance, human resources, and materials management. Yet, many students are very busy and meaningfully involved in clubs and committees according to their interests. The guidance comes from the faculty and other administrative staff.

Internships and lucky campus placements provide many opportunities for practical work experience besides honing interview skills and impressing would-be employers with good performances. Expression, communication, soft skills, and body language all come into play and once again it is the tutoring that succeeds in lighting up the complexities of professional life.


The faculty plays stellar roles

An element of research pervades everything about the campus from the classrooms to the interactions with the industry leaders and the QIPs and the assignments. The faculty themselves are keenly involved with research since knowledge like the river is constantly in a state of flux. The fondness for the intellectual and the scholastic, and excelling at an international level is passed on to the students. The power to inspire and motivate students towards lifelong learning and achievement is possible by highly qualified and accomplished faculty. GIBS is lucky to be associated with such towering personalities.


Counseling and mentoring sessions

GIBS offers several study courses and the graduation degrees like BBA and BCom are meant for those students who have just passed Class 12. Other courses like the MBA are meant for graduates. Particularly for the younger students who hail from many different states in the country, counseling sessions are needed for adjustment to the local situation. It is the little things that matter so much, especially for those who experience a hostel life away from their family for the first time.

GIBS takes good care of the students and renders every kind of attention, advice, and facility according to their needs. It is a caring system that observes its principles and follows a strong set of rules and timings. The sprawling green campus in Bannerghata is truly well-maintained and presents a rich educational infrastructure where students find many opportunities to develop their interests. An excellent educational campus presents an independent and sustained township complete with every facility. GIBS is an ideal campus with the right faculty and other staff that honors its students well.