GIBS feels deeply concerned about maintaining world peace

GIBS feels deeply concerned about maintaining world peace

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Each year, a series of national and international occasions are observed, many of them mere formalities. They are all important as the health day, and none is more significant than the problem of maintaining peace on the troubled planet Earth. Further, the theme for this year’s peace day reminds us of the crucial issue of environmental preservation. “Climate Action for Peace” is the 2019 theme, let us give it the most excellent efforts to realize the cherished goals of the UN General Assembly. The ideals of peace should extend globally to all nations and peoples.

Are we getting closer to peace ideals? 

While the International Day of Peace has come and gone on 21 September, are there higher hopes of peace in the future? It is wise that the focus has shifted this year to climate and environment because that might turn out to be the greatest killer and not wars and weapons. The truth is that the world has a single interconnected ecosystem, but few seem to realize that. While America pollutes the environment heavily, a tiny nation like Bhutan is carbon neutral! One certainly wishes for the sake of the environment that there existed more countries like Bhutan and less industrialized nations. The two-year full-time AICTE-approved PGDM program promotes environmental protection.

Demonstrations for climate and environment augmentation in 140 countries

Along with high-level meetings scheduled for 23 September, it may be hard to believe what the media says that 21 September witnessed mass meetings to create awareness in 140 countries. The youth particularly are more concerned about environmental degradation because their lives may be affected in the near future. Senior citizens do not have too many years of experience left anyway.

Harmony between nations and races

Even before the climate got degraded in recent times, peace was conceived not only as a life without war but a world without tensions and animosities on a community, racial and national level. Health and food are undoubtedly primary priorities of experience along with shelter and clothing. One could argue that these essentials exist on different levels, but everybody knows what could be considered the bare minimum for sustained subsistence living.

Basic survival needs are denied to millions and especially in Africa that suffer malnutrition and health epidemics. Isn’t it an injustice that mighty projects that promote luxury and comfortable living like superfast trains attract all the public money while starvation and malnutrition result in numerous deaths?

The doves and the vultures

Though it is clear that authentic Buddhist teachers like the Dalai Lama are few and far between, a more significant number of propagators of the war machinery and terrorism rule the world. Perhaps for non-violence to succeed, vegetarianism would put an end to killing for food, but animal predators would continue to kill poachers too. An inclination in favor of non-meat diets is slowly catching on and hopefully will attract more considerable attention in the days to come. Imagine a world free from meat-eating because that will mean an end to animal slaughter. Killing would be reflected only in movies and games then.

Regarding terrorism that not only kills but spreads fear of being killed across large communities, the Modi-Trump joint action hopefully will result in Islamic terrorism being curtailed if destroyed at the roots.

UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals, 2015

The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore support UN goals for development. Along with economic and social development, the UN vision aims to curtail poverty and hunger, though it is easier said than done on a global scale. Promoting gender equality and social justice are other mighty challenges. Reaching adequate drinking water to the community and developing sanitation facilities are being taken up on a war footing in India presently with Swach Bharat campaigns.

Wars and conflicts never seem to end

Counting the scenes of war and conflict zones due to a variety of causes on the different continents is a sad activity indeed. Race and politics, skin color, the injustices of colonialism of the past and not heeding the local voice are some of the ghastly mistakes that lead to terrible situations. While some problems have no solutions, rich and powerful countries can make a difference, and the UN is doing precisely that. How long will the process take until the global community experiences a minimum of the life requirements at a minimum standard? Literacy, food, health, shelter, and clothing are those urgent needs.

Awareness will certainly lead to change

Since the reason behind observing Peace Day on 21 September is to create awareness, it has been fulfilled in a big way this year with the CLIMATE for PEACE movement in 140 countries. When awareness spreads, action will follow for a more harmonious world of peace and understanding. The top 10 AICTE-approved PGDM colleges in Bangalore pray for a peaceful world free from strife.