GIBS Finishing School – Must Have Placement Practices For PGDM Students

GIBS Finishing School – Must Have Placement Practices For PGDM Students

Students aspire to work amongst the best minds in the world. Every learner gives in their 100% in the process leading to their work. From achieving the best grades to reaching the pinnacle of practical careers. 

The one thing that creates a sense of worry and mild tension in students is getting the perfect job. In our competitive world, landing a supreme job is tough and it requires a little more polishing of a student’s developed skills. 

Escaping the job-hunting process is tough but one thing that can take you to the top step is honing some useful skill sets and techniques. Here are some of them that can easily smooth your search for your dream job. 


Be clear about your career goals! 

If there is one thing that is most essential in job hunting is seeking a clear vision. Before you set out for a job, take some time and check on your choices, strengths, weaknesses, and learnings. 

Developing a mentally clear vision about the work of your choice can increase the likeliness of getting an all-around job. An all-around job provides you with satisfaction, pleasure, and the motivation to perform better, and hence, a deep-invoking sense of clarity certainly helps. 


A Well Documented Resume that matches your preferred industry!

The resume is one of the important documents in job hunting. It is the shadow of your personality, academic achievements, skills bar, and whatnot. You must be aware of the things that an employer wants to see on your resume. Each industry has its own criteria. Business schools like GIBS help students to recognize that and build a resume that makes the students employable. 

If you miss out on creating an influential resume, you will miss out on your dream job. One of the basic things to inculcate in a resume is the language. Maintain a professional approach with wise words. Secondly, make it decent and spaciously designed with neat font and spacing. 

The recruiter must know at first glance that this is a perfect candidate for the job. 


Research About Your Dream Brands-Companies

Once you are clear on the type of work, it is time to look for the companies you wish to work for. List down all the companies and check their website pages and social media handles. The reason is to understand the social environment as well as the workplace ethics and services of the company. 

Moving on, once you are well worth with the basic functioning of the company, learn about the common questions asked in the hiring process. 


Start Networking

Many job seekers miss out on a crucial element of job hunting – Networking. They think that submitting the job application and depending on online portals can lead them to the job – well, those days are long gone. 

Other than LinkedIn and other social portals, networking in real life is important as well. 

Reach out to your contacts, local influential personalities, and others who you think can help in providing a route to the company of your choice. Be it online or in-person, talk to people and take note of all the important leads. 


Do Not Restrict Yourself Only To Online Portals

Online job portals are a great platform to search for your dream job but you should not restrict yourself to them. By the time you apply for a job, the hiring process can reach an advanced or maybe its final stage. 

This is where you can personally reach out to recruiters via personal connections or social media platforms. Approach them and request a personal interview for the job. This not only helps in smoothing the overall process but also fastens your chances of getting hired. 

Discover your potential with GIBS Finishing School 

As we all know, today the corporate world requires more than academics. It demands presentation skills, an-all round approach to acquiring clients and so much more. 

Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS), one of the finest PGDM colleges in Bangalore, and an institute of global standard assists students in nurturing the necessary elements that give them an open door to working in their favorite company. Providing students with industry-like skills and turning them from learners to treasured professionals, GIBS takes immense pride in facilitating students to their dream ladder. 

The latest addition to the GIBS group, GIBS Finishing School is a platform of opportunities to develop industry skills. The primary focus of the school is to polish every student’s skill set with that of professional standards. 

Other than this, GIBS Finishing School also excels in training students in corporate behavior, personality development programs, start-up affairs and so much more. 

Get advanced training to enable your corporate success with GIBS Finishing School!


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