GIBS forges ahead every day with well-equipped infrastructure in a prime location

GIBS forges ahead every day with well-equipped infrastructure in a prime location

Times are changing, and populations and educational institutions just like hospitals and hotels, factories, and vehicles have all increased drastically. While strength lies in numbers, in developing countries like India, mighty populations have become a liability rather than an asset. Besides, automation and AI are taking away many jobs from human workers. Digital devices can do the work so much better and at cheaper costs like painting cars in factories!

Meanwhile, colleges and universities are busy researching the secrets of great institutions down the ages. What is it that is in common with the leading world universities? Why don’t Indian universities qualify for world status except for the IITs and IIMs? It is also true that international students visit India in large numbers for the sake of education. Factors that are responsible for attracting international students to India are proximity for Asian and African students, cost-effectiveness and similarities of culture. Political conditions are peaceful in India and Bangalore has a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The top 10 PGDM colleges in Bangalore have brought professional success to thousands of boy and girls.

The importance of reputation and infrastructure

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bangalore has already earned an excellent reputation and showed outstanding results in terms of student achievement. Validity of a professional course is judged the quality, status of internships and placements at the end of the course. Successfully graduating from the campus into a high-powered career is what every business student dreams of but not many achieve it. Best Management Institutes with Placements in Bangalore help fulfill those dreams for sure.

Faculty before infrastructure?

Imagine the conditions in universities in antiquity and in medieval times! Whether it is Nalanda, Taxila or Oxford and Cambridge universities, it was primarily the excellence of quality faculty along with extensive library facilities that were paramount. Gadgets and technology were unheard of. Even the remote religious monasteries tucked away in the mountains depended heavily upon the learned teachers rather than anything along with the spiritual literature.

In the basic sense, it has been practiced for ages and still does in some parts of India and elsewhere. The chalk and talk teaching philosophy is good enough at the lower levels of education. Further, in a day institution where students arrive in the morning and leave to return to parents in the evening, such a sophisticated infrastructure would not be required. That is how many institutions are making huge profits with small buildings and overcrowded classrooms, cheaply printed notes, and many tall promises of good jobs. Unfortunately, a considerable number of business graduates pass out every year in India with degrees but no jobs.

Offering hostel accommodation means engaging the boys night and day. Boarding facilities will mean arranging for a healthy diet, security on the campus, and medical and transport facilities. Students will need recreational amenities and study materials far beyond what a day college will require. The 2-year full-time AICTE approved PGDM program is certainly worth the expense and the time spent.

Along with the amphitheater and swimming pool, games facilities like volleyball and basketball, yoga and meditation corners exist in GIBS. Clubs and committees keep the students occupied and bring chances of applying lessons learned in classrooms to real-life situations. Now and then learning activities and competitions are being organized along with the regular meetings with guest speakers and field visits to companies. Observing national and international significant days like world health day along with occasions like Independence Day creates bonds of community living where lifelong friendships are made. Business certainly depends upon developing contacts and connections that will endure throughout professional life.

Developing networks in business locations 

Perhaps the best academic learning takes place in remote areas far away from the noise and the evils of city life. Imagine a heavenly world now, far away amidst greenery with peaceful rivers flowing nearby. Civilizations sprang up on the banks of rivers. Will that situation suit the requirements of the business world? Just like the best lessons in history would be learned nearby historical sites, business lessons would best be accomplished near busy markets!

In the 1960s, Bangalore used to be a pensioners’ paradise which it is still claimed to be. The peaceful town has grown into a mammoth world-class city due to the software explosion that attracted international giants to start branches like Accenture. Indian companies like Infosys are also part of the large software system.

Just like attracting international students to India due to proximity like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, the closeness of leading companies in Bangalore has become a feather in the cap for GIBS. Maintaining close links with leading companies that are looking out for dynamic new staff makes the GIBS education realistic according to the current needs of the business world.

The best education, just like the two hands to clap, is infrastructure and location. GIBS enjoys the best of both worlds, along with an exceptional caring faculty. Among the top 10 AICTE approved PGDM colleges in Bangalorethe best B school in Bangalore will launch your lifelong successful business career.