GIBS Gears Up For Yet Another Dream Convocation 2017 – November 21,2017

GIBS Gears Up For Yet Another Dream Convocation 2017

Global Institute of Business Studies in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, does believe in an action-filled lifestyle on a campus that brings together diverse boys and girls from all over India and abroad. If management is not on the corporate professional agenda, which subject is hot on the planet? In the new-age careers that are beginning to attract students away from traditional jobs, it is management that promises the greatest ROI. Within a few years of sustained effort, the high achievers among management graduates and postgraduates reach senior positions and draw mighty salaries along with a plush lifestyle, posted in MNCs and liable for transfers all over the globe.

From humble beginnings in school, it is a gradual upward journey for those who complete Class 12 with the vision firmly fixed on dynamic college careers. That higher education course reaches a culmination on the Convocation Day that officially recognizes the achievements with so much of sweat and toil, labor, time, money and software across several semesters. Can words really represent all that happened in the hearts and souls, minds and bodies of those nightmarish and frantic days that seemed to never end? The examinations came and went, sometimes lucky and sometimes not. And then the laborious internships and the lucky placements, not for everybody of course. Probably the majority needs to find happiness with ordinary appointments. Can everybody reach the top? Certainly not.


A degree that means so much

The contemporary 21st century has opened its wings and sails across the entire planet. No continent and country today is all that distant, connected as we are through the internet. Not only do we see and hear across mighty distances but knowledge transfers and data exchange have become so much simplified. The memory of the past difficult days for students in research haunts us yet. Should we not consider ourselves lucky to live in this time and place?


18th November 2017 is the fateful convocation date!

The GIBS MBA boys and girls need not wait too long for 18th November now, anxious as they are to set sail in their professional careers. But, do you really need to hurry after all the waiting and the suspense, the endless weeks and months that have rolled past? Hold the patience a bit longer to complete a few formalities.

Those who consider that degree a mere piece of paper have missed out on the essential spirit. The world works symbolically and all the art forms like music and film are examples of that. The degree represents all the nobler aspirations that attract humanity. The desire to excel in academics is most pronounced in those who never had the opportunity to study. Yet, it is a bitter law of life that some must win and some lose.

When the dressing is done in those uniforms that tell many happy tales, the function held and words and wisdom fall upon eager listeners, the wheel will come full circle. Perhaps the boys and girls will attend more universities and earn additional degrees, but nothing is greater than the now. We live in the present moment before anything else.


Chief Guest and Guest of Honor

Padmashree Professor RM Vasagam, Chancellor, Kapagam University would elevate the proceedings as the Chief Guest for the Convocation. Mr. Aamer Azeemi, Global Head, Smarten Spaces, would be the Guest of Honor. In the midst of all the action and drama, the dreams and aspirations, do not forget those GIBS titans who have steered your academic fortunes across the sometimes difficult semesters. Chairman BL Goyal, Managing Director Ritesh Goyal and Director Aparna Rao have honed the institution along ambitious paths to carve out student careers on the path to achievement. According to the noble principles, the students desire to redeem themselves and enlighten the society around them with the acquired knowledge after they succeed at management positions.


A pulsating residential campus approaches the end of the session

Another dawn is soon approaching when 2018 overtakes us rather soon. These students are accustomed to events happening all the time. Academics come first, of course. Anniversaries and festivals, international events, clubs and committees, professional development programs, culture, art and the literary etc.

Also in November is scheduled another rare event that involves the selection of the student of the year on 20th November. That would be a difficult process indeed when you need to find the best rose among so many pretty flowers. But so it is and everybody cannot carry away the awards. Some headaches may result, but the sporting spirit invariably prevails.

Recent events provided lots of thought-provoking occasions. The Library Committee launch was another grim reminder that academics is a hard nut to crack. The ICC RETAIL SUMMIT at Le Meridian in the first week of November did bring some business experts to share their experiences.

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