GIBS gets featured in Forbes India Marquee for being a new age B-School!

GIBS gets featured in Forbes India Marquee for being a new age B-School!


The Global Institute of Business Studies B School in Bangalore is one of the most prestigious business schools in the whole state. It has been defying many traditional ways of learning and teaching. Since its inception, it has been making significant contributions to the world of education. 

Its recent feature in the July editions of Forbes India Marquee reinstated the fact that GIBS Bangalore is on the right track. The article in the magazine talks about ‘Learn New Age Management with a new age B-School.’ This is the moment of pride that GIBS Business School rightfully earned for its contribution to management studies.

The article talks about how GIBS Business School with its unique approaches is changing the whole management studies for the ever-evolving corporate world. From industry-relevant curriculum to the international association, the college has been constantly upgrading itself. 

With more than 50,000 active startups, India has the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem. It is growing at a rapid rate of 30% and has a bright future ahead of it. Because of the rising popularity of the startup system, many young students are considering entrepreneurship as a career option right after graduation or after graduation, rather than seeking salaried employment.

A business school teaches students how to become world-changing leaders. The Global Institute of Business Studies introduced its IRE school, Innovation Research and Entrepreneurship School, with this objective in mind to encourage students to reach their full potential. They are taught leadership skills and other critical life skills through real-world initiatives.

Some of the domains you can tap into with GIBS are:

Marketing Management 

Finance Management

Human Resource Management

International Business Management

Operations and Supply Chain Management

Business Analytics Management

Entrepreneurship Management

GIBS Bangalore has also chosen some of the finest internationally acclaimed universities to associate with them and incorporate success into the child’s educational experience. The association with foreign universities helps the students to have access to a global perspective on business and its various aspects. 

The 5 international universities GIBS is associated with are:

Lincoln University, Malaysia 

Lincoln College, USA 

Nottingham, University UK 

Putra Business School, Malaysia 

Stevenson University, USA 

The opportunity for you to reveal your genuine brilliance with the support of specialists is Karnataka’s Best Business School. GIBS stands apart from typical educational institutions. With the support of internationally renowned lecturers and trainers, the student is provided with a rewarding and knowledgeable learning experience.

GIBS Bangalore maintains international associations to provide students with the most up-to-date information. They stand apart from traditional PGDM programmes because of their global exposure. The one-of-a-kind learning methods ensure that maximum value is added.

Each student graduates as a young professional capable of being a valuable asset to a firm. Some of the essential characteristics that prepare students for their employment include ongoing assistance from specialists and personal development activities.

The student’s learning experience is enriched by the state-of-the-art infrastructure. The campus and its outstanding facilities are ideal for both academics and recreation. Students create memories that are rich with enjoyment, knowledge, and accomplishments. GIBS Business School Bangalore is the place to go if you’re searching for a course that can help you get to your ideal job faster. The majority of competitive exam scores are accepted by GIBS Business School.


The Following Are Some Of The Clear Benefits Of Taking A PGDM Course:

Curriculum that is focused on the business world, enhancing future leaders. 

Specializations are available in a variety of fields, helping students to learn exactly what they are interested in.

Other skills can be improved and developed.

Assistance with internships and job placement, bringing opportunities closer. 

You learn how to work in a corporate environment, making you aware of the real world of business. 

Classes are always interesting as they incorporate a lot of unique methods of teaching.

Entrepreneurial opportunities are available.

GIBS Business School Bangalore is noted for its attention to and concern for the mental health of its students, in addition to its professional courses. While dealing with the fierce competitiveness of the corporate world, the HAPPINESS PROGRAM works to provide greater mental health for all students.

What are your options once you’ve completed your MBA at GIBS? You’ve got to be thinking!

Because of the practical expertise and understanding of the company, any PGDM or MBA course will get you the most elite designations in a firm. After completing your course, you may be eligible for a variety of executive and managerial positions.

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