GIBS Global Campus: Aim To Invite At Least 50 Startups in 2018 for Talk Series with Students – January 08,2018

GIBS Global Campus: Aim To Invite At Least 50 Startups in 2018 for Talk Series with Students

As effective multicultural education trains business managers to face global environments and put up with a sizzling pace in mega industries, technology, and software assume a greater grip upon study and the various professions. More and more we witness technology being relied upon to execute a number of services and in the designing and manufacturing process. Thus, the media is getting more and more crucial since the development of software and digital wonders happen at a rapid pace. Due to the fear of getting left behind, professionals need to be constantly on high alert and keep up with the day-to-day happenings.

Global Institute of Business Studies consists of a faculty that is forever on the alert. Knowledge and development, progress and novelty never halt, always in search of better and faster, cheaper and simpler ways of doing things. Tie-ups with foreign institutes and universities do help to gain valuable international exposure and foreign faculty and students from several countries push the boundaries forward.


The startup-rich culture of Bengaluru!

While a majority of GIBS students who pass out with the coveted MBAs and PGDMs are essentially looking for the best services with major companies to launch business careers, some are planning to set up business themselves. That would not be an easy process since it is always better to gain some working experience first to learn the professional culture. The greatest business that exists today essentially started as a startup. Whether it is luck or perseverance, clever marketing, or big bucks, some of them have successfully reached the stars! Probably partnerships are responsible for the mighty achievements and the media is crowded with many such success stories that are difficult to believe. A global market easily accessed through the internet means so much and provides a mighty canvas and unlimited marketing potential.


Learning from startups!

Given a choice, would you rather work for somebody or launch a startup? A difficult question to answer, certainly, but some have the ideas and motivation, capital, and endurance to begin, probably in twos and threes. Will it be possible to shoulder all the stresses and duties individually? Hardly.

Whether it is the IT business, apparel, biotechnology, fashion, digital marketing, manufacture of goods, and dispensing services, startups deal with almost every enterprise under the sun. Among the three top centers for startup cultures in India, Bangalore is going great guns not only in IT but in applied technology with industries developing at full blast. Education is high on the Namma Bengaluru agenda and just looks at the proliferation of institutes teaching business management, besides medicine and engineering, the traditional professions. Healthcare and hospitality besides media and several other new-age careers have great potential too.


Media-based learning adventures at GIBS

Even within snug classrooms and nowadays commencing at the primary school, the media provides a challenging world of learning experiences, updated each day with new content! Similarly, the workshops, guest lectures, and seminars conducted regularly at GIBS have an intimate relationship with the media that brings updated content from all over the world.

Even at the individual level, whether personally or professionally, you have access to global audiences through social media or specialized websites, profession-wise. You aim at specific audiences and that is what marketing is all about. The organization gains valuable exposure and publicity for the company news or announcements. Better profile building and reputations being managed well are left to the experts. Sway opinions and find a new dimension to your existence through online vistas.


The 2018 Startup Talk Series with GIBS students

Guest lecturers and interactions with celebrities, workshops in quality management and media, soft skills, and personality development besides multifarious clubs and committees are constantly helping to evolve learning experiences at GIBS. Besides the traditional sports and games, music, dance, and literary occasions, greater involvement in the business world is inculcated in the boys and girls. Rather than learn from businesses that were established half a century ago, don’t you think that the story of startups would provide better learning experiences?

Through a study of the present-day business environment, some clever startups have identified a vacuum where a new service could provide a viable market. Some startups have offered food supplies, and counseling services, or provided meeting grounds with a variety of services. As simple as that, but a beginning has to be made with careful market research to identify where the niche is available.

Besides organizing a Business Conference on an epic scale in 2018, the Startup Talk series where perhaps 50 startups will participate will provide a wealth of ideas for enterprising GIBS students who may have startup plans on their minds. Such a talk series would bring fertile hunting grounds to learn how successful startups found their motivation and how they reached close to the peak of success so soon. If you had such a choice, would you rather not start a successful business with all the advantages of the online media? Maybe the chance is coming in 2018.