GIBS – India’s First Business School to have Placement Advisory Board.… – May 30, 2016

GIBS – India’s First Business School to Have Placement Advisory Board

The best award a college can get is 100 percent placement for all its students. There is a joy in the air when all the students of a college are placed before they walk out of the college! But this task is not easier said than done. No doubt the students have to work hard but along with this, the college also has to work around the clock to attract the right companies to its campus and also orient the students towards getting their dream jobs.

The GIBS Business School gives utmost importance to assist its students in getting suitable placements after successful completion of their studies. The Placement Cell, one of its kind in India, ensures that every student gets the right skill and domain knowledge so that they are easily acceptable in the industry. GIBS has its separate Placement Advisory Board consisting of a group of renowned experts who exists to help further, as a visible body of leadership, influence, and support in achieving its objectives and fulfilling the student’s mission.

The placement cell at GIBS acts as an academic interface by helping the students to improve their employability through systematic exposure to business organizations and offers the corporate companies a platform to find the best managers from GIBS. Some of the best brands have found GIBS students to be ‘Industry – Ready’ and some of the companies are regular for campus recruitment.

Also the courses at GIBS are well integrated with soft skills, etiquettes, logical and analytical reasoning and the like to help students prepare for their job interview not at the fag end of the course but from the beginning itself. This helps in building confidence among the students and helps them in facing the interview positively.

It can be said that GIBS, one of the best MBA schools in India has taken the right and progressive step in increasing the quality of educational institutions.