GIBS IRE Global Summit 2024: Pioneering Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship

GIBS IRE Global Summit 2024: Pioneering Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation is at the core of modern progress, yet ethical standards and social responsibility remain of vital importance. Recognized as a Top Business School in Bangalore, the Global Institute of Business Studies (GIBS) IRE School embraces this imperative. We are proud to organize the Global IRE Summit 2024, dedicated to “Responsible Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” where the brightest minds convene to shape a future where business success is aligned with the greater good.


Vision Behind the Summit

Scheduled to occur over February 12-13th 2024, this summit seeks to spark conversations and action plans around innovative initiatives which not only contribute to business expansion, but also positively affect society and the environment. Through hosting this summit GIBS underlines their dedication to producing leaders who not only possess excellent business acumen but are also socially-aware.


An Ensemble of Eminent Minds

At this summit, guests were honored by distinguished speakers representing diverse fields: each is an expert in his or her domain.


Dr. Ernst von Kimakowitz

Co-Founder of the Humanistic Management Network, Dr. Kimakowitz is a staunch advocate for a management approach that prioritizes human dignity and societal well-being. His insight should provide valuable guidance for businesses that seek to remain profitable while being agents for change in society.


Dr. Wolfgang Amann

Dr. Amann hails from HEC Paris and is widely respected for his expertise in executive education and research on organizational growth acceleration. His insight into innovation can provide entrepreneurs with valuable guidance for expanding their ventures while maintaining ethical standards.


Dr. Shiv Tripathi

Dr. Tripathi, the Vice Chancellor of Amity University Haryana, is revered for his extensive work in academic leadership. His talk is anticipated to offer valuable knowledge on integrating responsible innovation within the educational fabric of business schools.


Dr. Anastasia Kireti

A Sustainability Researcher & University faculty from the United Kingdom, Dr. Kireti brings a critical eye to the sustainability challenges facing today’s enterprises. Her focus on research-driven solutions is key for entrepreneurs aiming to embed sustainability into their core strategy.


Local Leaders, Global Impact

The summit also features prominent figures from the host institution:


Mr. Ritesh Goyal

As the Managing Director of GIBS Business School Bangalore, Mr. Goyal’s leadership has been instrumental in curating a curriculum that combines traditional business acumen with the imperatives of sustainable development.


Dr. Jayanta Chakrabarti

An erudite in the field of business education, Dr. Chakrabarti’s contribution to GIBS Business School as the Director is reflected in the school’s innovative teaching methodologies and industry-relevant programs.


Mr. Bharath Gopalan

Gopalan serves as Chair of GIBS Business School and his participation at this summit underscores their institution’s active engagement with business communities to foster responsible leadership.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agenda

The agenda of this event has been carefully designed to cover various facets of responsible innovation:

  • Keynote Speeches: The summit will feature keynote speeches from the esteemed speakers, offering their rich perspectives on the convergence of ethics, innovation, and entrepreneurship.
  • Panel Discussions: Interactive panel discussions will enable attendees to engage with the speakers, fostering a collaborative environment for sharing ideas and best practices.
  • Networking Opportunities: With its diverse mixture of industry experts, academicians, and entrepreneurs present, this summit creates an excellent venue for networking. There will be ample chances to form meaningful relationships and establish valuable ties at this gathering.
  • Workshops: Workshops will equip participants with practical skills and frameworks needed to implement responsible innovation strategies within their own organizations.


Why Attend the Global IRE Summit?

Attending the Global IRE Summit offers entrepreneurs, business leaders, academics, and students an excellent opportunity to:

  • Gain insights into the latest research and trends surrounding responsible innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Learn to incorporate social and environmental considerations into business models.
  • Join an influential network of thought leaders and change agents!
  • Be a part of an exciting movement to transform how business fits in society.



GIBS IRE School, formed by GIBS Business School, recognized as a top business school in Bangalore, presents the Global IRE Summit, which is more than an event; it’s an invitation to create a future where business success is measured not solely on financial metrics but by its positive effect on society and environment. Take part in shaping an unprecedented dialogue that could transform how we understand business as powerful agents for change within societies and environments alike.


Practical Information

For those eager to be part of this groundbreaking event, here are the details:

Date: 12 & 13 February 2024

Time: 09:30 AM onwards

Venue: GIBS Business School, Bangalore