GIBS is in a row to celebrate the festivals in creative ways

GIBS is in a row to celebrate the festivals in creative ways

4.5 acres of green have been decorated by a high-standard business atmosphere in Bangalore. From nurturing creativity to pulling the auspicious talents, GIBS is running away from any competitor of the nation. This year the festive celebration has proved how the school is developing its capabilities day to day. Last year students have boosted through the food fiesta and in this year the celebration took a new life through theme party. The senior X-Factor team has arranged a creative evening for their students. The club has given several topics like Vampire Diaries, Bahubali, and others and participants have performed with several ideas. It enhances the involvement of the learners of GIBS, Bangalore.


Students get new aspirations for their next challenges:

Being in the same syllabus is taking boredom for every people. Whether you are a student or you are an employee, there must be something to change the regular schedule. It increases the motivation towards an institution. Therefore, the pioneer business school of Bangalore has inspired the theme parties and celebration in the institution. This year the festival of lights has celebrated successfully in GIBS. Students have received new energy to take preparation for their upcoming exams. The creative idea is a born child of the senior group of the club of the school and then it has been supported by the juniors. Thus, a great cultural event had organized.


Students live out of risks of the festival:

GIBS celebrated the Navaratri in 2017. The October 2017 saw excellent food fiesta at the campus. The New Year festival had got the top-notch standard through the arrangement. This year the festival of light crosses every venture of the past. According to its class, taste, and culture, GIBS has shown its standard to the society. The venture is successful to manage great involvement to the students. These types of actions have positive aspects for the students.

  • It takes the students away from overrated intoxications.
  • The festivals are celebrating on the college campus, therefore the security is tight. Anybody can’t cross the barrier.
  • Any program can’t cross the level of good and healthy culture.
  • Every batch of GIBS is promising and they believe that these kinds of opportunity are the best platform for showing their inner talents.
  • The students of various batches can be involved in a single place that’s how a social bridge can be built.

Such changes give a better way to communicate with the seniors on any topic. Whether it’s business studies or other matters, seniors can guide the newcomers for doing good in the next days. The seniors can be attached with the pass outs, well-established personalities of management studies and the management group of GIBS. Thus, every batch can get guideline in their next life. It leaves an open space to communicate with the industry and increase the public relation. This Diwali celebration has crafted a huge space of joy where students got exposure in many industries.

Getting in touch with the reality where they have to perform next:
The same methodology of business studies is being outdated now. While the traditional institutions are applying the old style of education, GIBS is finding the new styles. There are two motifs of the new educational method. Now, every industry is demanding highly professional and smart employees to deal with the difficult challenges in their career. Therefore, the international schools of business are trying to focus on the personalities of the students. GIBS Bangalore is not the institution, which would stay behind it. The school has included many personality development campaigns, seminars, and projects to push the students’ personality upward. The celebration style is following the focus of the institution. The runway, events and other activities have been planned to input betterment to the learners. The motif of the program is to develop the confidence of students. Arranging different genre of activities can help them to get in touch with various aspects of the reality. Thus, a student can know what is happening out in the society. Understanding of their time, culture and code of the modern human being brings shock to a youth. Therefore, arranging the bigger program would push them to go deep into the society.

  • Communication with as many people as possible enhances the confidence. Talking with different class and type of person can improve the dealing ability.
  • Convincing the people in your terms and conditions would improve the win challenges skill of the students.

These two actions have been faced practically during such ventures. Therefore, students can get Queue about their upcoming life. GIBS not only promises to make students eligible for climbing the corporate ladder but also it gives a proper place to learn how. The career-building needs several motions at different times. The successful person has to balance every motion, thus he or she can stay long and achieve the goal. The GIBS Business School Bangalore includes every happening on the campus that can bring the factors of being successful in life.